Boating Accidents

At the time this web page was written, we reflected soberly on eight recent boating deaths on river waters near the law offices of McGowan & Cecil, LLC. While we can always hope that there will be no more boating deaths in this area, we know from experience that we are likely to continue to hear of boating accidents.

Our personal injury lawyers extend sympathy to affected family members, but we also have more than sympathy to offer. We have developed and cultivated a highly effective process for pursuing maximum available compensation for people injured in serious accidents such as boating accidents.

Alcohol And Boating Accidents

Boating accident cases have some similarities to other types of accidents involving motorized vehicles on land. For one thing, it seems that drinking and boating is often a factor. Injuries tend to be very serious. There are often liability issues to straighten out when two boats or a boat and a Jet Ski are involved.

The Jones Act May Apply

Boating accidents are also unique in that the Jones Act may apply when a boating accident occurs on a "navigable waterway" such as a river, bay or ocean (not a pond). Through application of maritime law, we seek to maximize compensation for our clients who have been hurt in boating accidents.

We do hope that you will contact our Laurel boating accident lawyers in time to allow us take action to preserve the evidence such as the boat itself. A detailed investigation into the causes of a boating accident is sure to have an effect on the final outcome.

Contact A Maryland Boating Injury Lawyer After A Boat Accident Death Or Injury

Boating deaths and boating injuries should be preventable through application of good sense and judgment by boaters. Unfortunately, factors such as alcohol and speed often contribute to collisions. Contact us to learn how our attorneys can apply maritime law and the Jones Act as we pursue maximum available compensation for your family or for the injured boater.