Were You Hit by a Distracted Driver?

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that distracted driving accidents are on the rise, contributing to numerous automobile fatalities and serious injuries. In 2011 alone, over 3,300 people were killed in distracted driving accidents and 387,000 were injured. Recent studies have shown that driving while distracted can impair a driver more than if he or she had been intoxicated.

There is no excuse for endangering the lives of others by distracted driving or texting while driving. At McGowan & Cecil, LLC, we represent individuals who were injured in car accidents due to distracted driving. We will aggressively pursue damages to cover your losses, including medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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What Are the Common Forms of Distracted Driving?

Drivers can be distracted visually, manually and cognitively. Various forms of distraction include:

  • Talking on a cellphone
  • Texting or reading texts on a cellphone
  • Putting on makeup and other forms of grooming
  • Reading
  • Looking at maps or navigation systems
  • Watching a video
  • Eating or drinking
  • Engaging with other passengers in the car
  • Trying to control unruly pet passengers
  • Adjusting the radio or changing a CD
  • Picking something up off the floor
  • Watching an accident instead of the road

Our dedicated attorneys bring more than 75 years of experience to every injury case. We have successfully represented thousands in their auto accident claims. Our thorough investigation of your claim gives us an edge when working to resolve your claims with insurance companies. We are committed to obtaining the best result possible for your claim.

Texting While Driving

Drivers who are typing, sending or reading texts divert their eyes from the road. Distracted drivers are far more likely to cause accidents to other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

To reduce the number of texting while driving accidents, Maryland law strictly prohibits an individual from writing or sending text messages while operating a motor vehicle. Recent legislation also prohibits all drivers from using a hand-held phone while driving on a street or highway. Drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from any use of cellphones while driving.

Distracted Drivers Slower to Respond Than Drivers Impaired by Alcohol

It only takes a few careless seconds to cause serious injuries, devastating someone's life forever. Whether taking their eyes off the road to read a text, taking their hands off the wheel to send a text or pick something up or letting their minds drift, studies have shown that distracted drivers have slower response times than people who drive while impaired by alcohol.

A study by Car and Driver magazine found that delayed reaction times of distracted drivers of vehicles moving at 35 mph caused the vehicle to travel extra distances of as much as 45 feet. Distracted drivers moving at 70 mph traveled extra distances of as much as 70 feet. The effect of distraction is disturbing considering that the impaired drivers' distances traveled increased by seven and 11 feet respectively.

Ensure Your Rights and Interests Are Protected

Our attorneys have more than 75 years of legal experience and have represented thousands of injury victims. We have considerable experience in auto accident claims and know how to build strong cases for our clients. We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of accident victims and handle each case with the same level of commitment and professionalism.

Given our vast experience in personal injury law, we know that driver negligence is typically the root cause of accidents. We take the time to investigate the cause of accidents to identify evidence of driver negligence, which may include texting, negligent use of a cellphone, speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving and other forms of driver negligence.

By building strong cases for our clients, we negotiate with the insurance companies from a standpoint of strength. We vigorously pursue maximum compensation on behalf of accident victims for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other forms of available relief. As a client of our firm, you will have a strong advocate on your side.

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