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Blog Posts about Injury and Disability Claims

At McGowan & Cecil, LLC, our commitment to our clients - making a positive difference in their lives - includes keeping our clients informed about their cases and about the law. Our blogs are a significant part of that effort. We handle injury and disability claims, from personal injury and medical malpractice to workers' compensation and Social Security Disability.

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Personal Injury Blog

We cover a wide range of topics on our personal injury blog, from motor vehicle accidents to birth injuries. We've looked at the cause of cerebral palsy and the use of technology by Maryland State Police to fight aggressive driving (aggressive driving can be a major cause of car, truck, or motorcycle accidents) as two examples.

Medical Malpractice Blog

We cover the major areas of medical malpractice, which include birth injuries, failure to diagnose, and surgical errors. We also cover nursing home neglect and wrongful death. Medical errors don't have to be extreme to put patients at grave risk of worsening health or even death. It can be as simple as testing the wrong knee.

Workers' Compensation Blog

Injured and sickened workers deserve fair treatment under the law. They deserve fair compensation to help them get back on their feet, or to improve their quality of life as much as is possible. Representing construction workers is a major part of our practice. We know how to get justice for construction workers, as well as many other types of workers who have suffered injury or illness in the workplace.

Social Security Disability Blog

On our blog about Social Security Disability claims, we examine the question: Is the Social Security program dying? (The answer is no.) We cover the Social Security Administration, which often becomes headline news during election cycles, as well as those topics that are on the forefront of our clients' minds: Social Security benefits for different illnesses and those for different injuries.

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