Faulty Mechanical Equipment Causes Injury

Table saws are frequently used in workshops, garages, construction jobs and some industrial work. Because the saw blade spins so quickly, tables saw injuries are frequently serious, involving lacerations to the body, bone fractures or amputations of the fingers, hands and arms. Even the most experienced woodworkers can suffer career-ending injuries in table saw accidents.

The tragic fact is, these accidents can be prevented. There is no excuse for selling unsafe table saw products. The experienced products liability attorneys at McGowan & Cecil, LLC can help. For more than 75 years, our attorneys have been holding manufacturers responsible for defective designs in Columbia and Laurel, Maryland. If you were injured in a table saw accident, it is critical that you speak to a products liability attorney as soon as possible so evidence can be preserved.

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The Problem With Table Saw Design

Table saw manufacturers have done little to update table saw designs in the past 50 years. The only protection against table saw injuries has been a plastic sheath, which does little to prevent injury and is often removed. Despite the fact that table saw injuries that have risen to over 40,000 accidents per year, manufacturers have not taken steps to add greater protection for saw users.

Since 2003, manufacturers have known about a safety device, which could be added to prevent these sorts of devastating accidents. SawStop creates devices that can be added to saws, which senses whenever the blade saw comes into contact with skin and immediately stops the blade from spinning. Manufacturers have resisted adding this feature, which would cost about $100 per saw. This forms the basis of our defective design claim.

When we take on your case, we are committed to making sure you receive the maximum possible compensation, including lost wages, medical and rehabilitation costs, permanent disability as well as pain and suffering. If you lost a loved one in a table saw accident, we are prepared to handle your wrongful death claim.

Do You Have a Case?

How do you know if you have a have a products liability case? The dedicated attorneys at McGowan & Cecil, LLC will utilize a team of experts, including engineers and materials specialists to investigate your claim. If your injury was based on defective product, we will uncover how that product failed. Timing is important. The best way of preserving your claim is to contact one of our lawyers as soon as possible so we can preserve any evidence.

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