Fire Accidents

Fire is a destructive force. It can put humans at risk of harm or death in a great many settings, including the situations such as the following:

  • A car fire caused by a collision and an explosion triggered by a defective fuel tank
  • An explosion in an industrial setting such as in a factory
  • A house fire or a fire in an apartment caused by a fireplace accident or defective wiring
  • Fires starting in oxygen tents covering premature babies in maternity wards

Whatever the circumstances, you should seek legal advice if you suffered burn injuries or smoke inhalation injuries as a result of a fire or explosion. Attorneys of McGowan & Cecil, LLC, offers counsel and representation for clients whose family members burned to death or otherwise died premature deaths caused by exposure to fire. Legal remedies may include:

  • A personal injury claim against another motorist who caused the collision
  • A premises liability claim versus the owners or caretakers of the premises
  • A claim against a supervisor who allowed unsafe activities
  • A claim against an equipment manufacturer
  • A lawsuit against a landlord for landlord negligence when faulty wiring or some other hazard was left uncorrected in rental housing or commercial property

The seriousness of your injuries can be described in terms of first-degree burn, second-degree burn, fourth-degree burn or smoke inhalation injury to the lungs. You may require skin grafts, a lengthy hospitalization and/or ongoing pain management.

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