Subrogation And Health Liens

Medicare, ERISA and health care insurance companies will claim a subrogation lien right against your recovery in any personal injury claim. The subrogation lien issues are extremely complex and often unfair.

Before you start making costly mistakes, turn to a knowledgeable injury lawyer at McGowan & Cecil, LLC, in Laurel, Maryland. Our attorneys are highly experienced in subrogation and health liens. We can advise clients on any of the following matters:

  • ERISA rights of recovery on qualifying health plans
  • Medicare lien and notice requirements

  • Rights of hospitals and other health care providers to place liens on personal injury claims

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Our Experience in Health Insurance Liens and Subrogation

You should work closely with a trusted, knowledgeable injury lawyer to ensure compliance with Medicare and health insurance reporting obligations. Our objective is to maximize your recovery, not the health insurance recovery.

Our law firm will educate you as well as take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with ERISA and Medicare reporting rules. We handle issues pertaining to all types of subrogation liens involving:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Non-ERISA
  • Veterans
  • GEHA
  • FEBA
  • Workers' compensation
  • FECA
  • Hospital liens
  • Health care provider lien

Our Attorneys Are Helpful in Subrogation Matters

The lien issues are complex. An experienced personal injury law firm will recognize and negotiate with the lien holder and assist in handling the subrogation issues. It is important that you hire competent and experienced counsel to simplify the complexity of the lien subrogation. A competent personal injury attorney can obtain a reduction of the health care lien.

Common Questions From Clients

Q: If my health insurance has paid for my medical treatment and I obtain a recovery in a personal injury accident, do I have to pay back my health insurance?

A: In most cases, yes. This may not seem fair, but it is unfortunately the reality.

  • Subrogation is either a contractual or statutory obligation.
  • Subrogation is the legal doctrine of substituting one creditor for another.
  • Health insurance will mandate that you pay back what health insurance has paid if you make a recovery in a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Q: What if I don't pay back the health insurance company?

A: The health insurance company may file suit against you and obtain a judgment against you if you do not pay.

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