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It is absolutely critical to preserve the elevator or escalator and have our investigators determine the cause of the catastrophe after an accidental injury. In addition to working to hold the property owner or manager responsible after one of our clients has been injured, McGowan & Cecil, LLC, will conduct a thorough investigation in search of any other party or parties liable for the elevator or escalator accident.

Escalators and elevators in public buildings are considered to be "common carriers," which means that owners and managers owe a high duty of care to users. People in charge of installing and maintaining escalators and elevators are required to keep them inspected and in good repair. Management should also take note of any conditions around the elevators or escalators that might lead to accidental injuries.

Experienced Maryland injury attorneys at McGowan & Cecil, LLC, can advise you after an elevator or escalator accident on how to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

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From our office in Laurel, we serve clients throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Our Columbia elevator accident attorneys handle premises liability and disability claims on a contingency fee basis, so we charge no fee unless we recover compensation for you.

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