Maryland Falling Merchandise Injury Attorneys

A quick trip to the store can result in serious injury if merchandise falls off a shelf and hits you. Instead of going home after shopping, you are heading for the emergency room at your local hospital.

Retailers have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions in their stores. That includes stocking merchandise in a secure manner. If this has not been done and you suffer a serious injury, you may have a compensable claim for your medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

You should act quickly to obtain legal representation following any type of premises liability accident. It is absolutely imperative that we preserve any and all evidence immediately.

Falling Object Injury Attorneys In Laurel, Maryland

McGowan & Cecil, LLC, is a law firm with extensive experience in premises liability cases, including those involving falling merchandise, slip-and-fall accidents and other acts of negligence. We aggressively seek compensation for people who suffer injuries — financial resources that can pay for needed medical care and compensate you for lost income. McGowan & Cecil, LLC, seeks maximum compensation in every case.

When you retain us, our attorneys will act immediately to preserve evidence and begin the legal effort. We will thoroughly review all aspects of the accident, interviewing witnesses and scrutinizing any store videos that exist. Assigning liability in a retail accident case can be difficult and challenging. The retailer and its insurance company may try to blame the accident on your actions. At some stores, consumer goods manufacturers use their own employees or hire independent contractors to stock shelves or perform in-store audits, complicating the task of establishing liability. Our falling merchandise injury lawyers have the experience and investigative resources needed to determine how the accident happened and who was responsible.

Experienced In Head Injury Cases

McGowan & Cecil, LLC, has successfully handled numerous cases involving serious head and brain injuries and concussions. Consulting with your doctor, we will learn about your medical and rehabilitation needs. Our firm will seek compensation for these costs, as well as all other economic and noneconomic losses. McGowan & Cecil, LLC, wants to help you get the medical care and funds you need to get your life back on track.

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