Workers' Comp FAQ

Bring your individual questions about on-the-job injuries and Maryland workers' comp to the attention of McGowan & Cecil, LLC. We will gladly take the time to address your workplace accident questions having to do with workers' compensation and related issues. Meanwhile, we provide answers to some basic questions on this Web page to get you started.

Q: Why hire a law firm that limits its practice to workers' compensation and disability law when you can have more comprehensive representation?

A: McGowan & Cecil, LLC, handles third-party liability claims as well as workers' compensation claims and disability claims. Timothy John Driscoll, Esquire, at McGowan & Cecil, LLC, has successfully handled thousands of work injury claims.

Q: What does workers' compensation pay for?

A: Medical treatment, loss of wages and permanent benefits for the injured.

Q: Can your law firm handle my workers' compensation claim as well as any lawsuits that I may bring against negligent parties after a workplace accident?

A: Yes. Our clients who have been injured on the job appreciate the diverse offerings of our law firm, including both workers' compensation representation and personal injury claims.

Q: What kind of third party personal injury claim might result from my workplace injury?

A: Normally, you cannot sue your employer. However, you can bring legal action against third parties such as equipment manufacturers, subcontractors and property owners. Anyone who was negligent and who is not your employer may be a responsible third party in an on-the-job injury claim. Our lawyers can help determine whether someone other than your employer was negligent and caused or contributed to your accidental injury.

Contact A Baltimore Workers' Comp Attorney

From our office in Laurel, we provide workers' comp info and assistance. In addition, we evaluate every workplace accident case for possible third-party liability claim opportunities for our clients. We also serve clients throughout the Columbia and Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. We handle all injury and disability claims on a contingency fee basis, so we charge no fee unless we recover compensation for you.

To schedule a free consultation with a Laurel personal injury attorney at our firm, call 301-476-1325 or toll free at 877-833-5045. You may also contact us by email.