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November 2012 Archives

Compounding facility responsible for patients' blindness

The recent meningitis outbreak has brought attention to the significance of compounding pharmacies. If a compounding pharmacy does not prepare a medicine correctly or in a clean facility, patients who receive the contaminated medication could suffer a permanent or serious injury.This was the case for 11 of the 12 patients who received injections of bevacizumab (commonly known as Avastin) in their eyes by ophthalmologists. This drug was produced by a compounding facility in Florida. A later inspection of the facility reportedly found a variety of conditions which make the facility an unsafe location to prepare medications.

Man seriously injured in fall at work awarded millions

To support oneself and one's dependents, a person must have a source of income. If someone loses the ability to earn an income, he or she will likely encounter significant difficulties. If a person is injured at work because of his or her employer's failure to create a safe work environment, it is possible that he or she could receive compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. Such was the case for a Texas man who was injured at work several years ago.Five years ago, this Texas man had a serious accident while working. In order to lay a tarpaulin overtop a load in a truck, the man was standing approximately 15 feet above a concrete floor on top of boxes of cotton gin. He fell 15 feet to the concrete ground and reportedly suffered a broken collarbone, broken arm, and skull and facial fractures as a result of the fall. In addition, he incurred brain injuries from crashing into the concrete floor.

Man with Tourette syndrome describes his life in new book

For many years, the behaviors of a man who is now 58 were either not understood or misunderstood by others around him. Since he was a young boy he has moved and made a variety of sounds uncontrollably. However, at the time, doctors reportedly told his parents that he could control the movements and sounds. Throughout his childhood, he was teased for his behavior and others thought he had some kind of psychiatric problem.

Air Force reservist killed in Maryland motorcycle accident

Maryland residents are all well aware of the dangers of accidents on the roadways. This is especially true for motor vehicle accidents involving motorcyclists because motorcycle-drivers are often exposed to dangers not experienced by other drivers. For this reason, motorcycle crashes have a higher rate of serious injuries and death compared to other types of roadway accidents.

Controversial hepatitis C outbreak makes its way to Maryland

Hepatitis C is a serious infection that can be contracted in multiple ways. This past summer a medical technician was arrested for starting an outbreak of hepatitis C in New Hampshire. Now, a Maryland patient's case of hepatitis C has been linked to this same medical technician.

I'm dead? Woman learns Social Security Administration thought so

Many people probably think that it would be fairly simple for a person to prove that he or she is alive. Just talk to a person and show them some identification. It should be pretty easy, right? Well, one Kansas woman learned that this is not necessarily the case.

Worker's compensation pays for man's high-tech hand

For Maryland workers who have been injured at work, news of an Indiana man's new prosthetic hand may incite hope. The man, now 64, has been a minister for many years, but an accident that happened back in high school significantly impacted his life. At 16 years old, his arm got tangled in a meat grinder when he was working, because there was not a guard on the machine.

Brain damage at birth leads to a medical malpractice suit

As most Maryland parents can attest, the birth of a baby is often a happy experience with everything going smoothly. That joy, however, can quickly lead to frustration, anger and sadness when an injury or serious medical condition is found. Such was the case with a California couple whose baby was born with brain damage due to medical malpractice during the labor and delivery.

OSHA cites employer for 9 safety violations

If you've ever worried about the safety of your workplace, looking further into the situation may be a good idea. One employer in Texas has been cited on multiple occasions for workplace safety violations. Yet, the company continues to operate and employ workers at its Texas facility.

ABLE Act could create tax-free savings account for disabled

For many people, Social Security disability benefits may cover short-term expenses. However, Social Security disability benefits likely do not help a person achieve long-term financial security. In fact, many who receive disability benefits would lose their benefits if they had more than $2,000 worth of assets.

Three car crash on Md. 140 leaves one dead

It is likely that anyone who drives understands that potentially dangerous outcomes of an auto accident can include serious injury or even death. Every year, accidents occur that only reinforce this understanding further. For example, a recent car accident near Finksburg, Maryland has left one person dead.

Nurse sentenced for death of starved teen with cerebral palsy

Patients and their families place a great amount of trust in medical professionals. Relying on another person's understanding of one's illness and the best method of treating the illness is often critical for recovery. In exchange for a patient's trust, medical professionals are expected to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Three vehicle crash on Capital Beltway involves tractor-trailer

Most Marylanders are aware that driving can be a dangerous activity, knowing that tens of thousands of Americans die in auto accidents every year. Yet, this knowledge does little to deter most people from driving every day out of convenience or necessity. A common cause for the high rate of motor vehicle accidents are drivers who make poor decisions or choose to drive recklessly.

Fatal Maryland crash results in conviction of former FBI agent

A recent motor vehicle manslaughter conviction has an unusual defendant: a former FBI agent. The driver, at the time an FBI agent, was not only charged with manslaughter, but also six other charges related to the incident. These charges carry a potential sentencing of 13 years.


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