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December 2012 Archives

Maryland pedestrian killed in tractor-trailer accident

A pedestrian who may have been attempting to cross a highway was killed recently when he was hit by a tractor-trailer, according to the Maryland State Police. Because they are so large, heavy and unwieldy, tractor-trailers are an especially severe road hazard to anything and anyone they hit in motor vehicle accidents.

Woman's family receives millions in wrongful death case

When a patient goes to a medical professional for healthcare, the patient most likely expects to be well cared for and that the doctors and nurses will help him or her. However, a variety of medical errors can lower the quality of patient care that many patients may anticipate.

Recycling center worker severs fingers in accident at work

Certain workplaces are more dangerous than others. For instance, since many Maryland industrial workers are around powerful machinery, they may be more likely to incur a serious injury than a worker who never comes into contact with machinery.

Motor vehicle crashes hit motorcyclists hard

Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable drivers on the road: less visible than car drivers and lacking hard barrier protection from collisions, they often feel the worst of the injuries when motor vehicle crashes occur. In fact, when an accident occurs, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die than the occupants of a passenger car and five times more likely to be injured.

Single mother with physical disability discovers holiday cheer

Anyone who has been involved in a serious car accident on Maryland roads knows how quickly an injury can turn a person's life upside down. Tasks that once were easy suddenly become difficult. The effects of the injury can be so severe that working becomes impossible, which is why many people in this situation apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Quick test detects congenital heart defects in infants

With so many advances in medicine, it sometimes seems unreal that so many babies still suffer injuries or death during birth or shortly afterwards. For instance, if babies do not receive an adequate amount of oxygen during birth they can suffer from the effects for the rest of their lives. Many Maryland parents are likely familiar with the shock of learning one's baby has a birth defect.

Applicants for disability benefits wait months for news

People of many professions suffer injuries that make working challenging or impossible. Veterans, in particular, experience many physical and mental illnesses as a result of their experiences in the military. Many Maryland veterans have undoubtedly gone through the process of applying for disability benefits.

Workplace accidents common in retail setting

Certain workplaces are more dangerous than others. One may not immediately think of retail and wholesale settings when considering workplaces that could present safety hazards. However, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that wholesale and retail workers are at high risk for injuries at work like slips, trips and falls since they frequently move materials.

High-speed auto accidents can turn deadly

The driver and passenger of an overturned truck were recently hit by another vehicle on a Maryland highway. The passenger, who had been ejected from the overturned box truck just prior to being hit by the car, was pronounced dead at the scene, while the driver was taken to a trauma center in Baltimore with life-threatening injuries.

Maryland motorcyclist injured in crash

Motorcyclists sharing the road with larger, heavier cars are vulnerable to injury when accidents occur. Since motorcycles have no airbags to protect the operator, a car driver's negligence can lead to severe head and spinal cord injuries, amputations or back injuries for motorcycle riders.

Misdiagnosis of Lyme disease lengthens woman's recovery

Receiving a diagnosis for a serious illness can be very worrisome. However, struggling with painful symptoms without a diagnosis or with the wrong diagnosis may be even more frustrating. Certain illnesses are more challenging to diagnose than others. One woman learned this after struggling with extreme pain and rashes for months this past summer.

Flight attendants could see healthier and safer workplace soon

Employees spend significant amounts of time in their workplaces. For many employees, if their work environment is stifling or uncomfortable, they can take a short break outside to remove themselves from the unpleasant conditions in the workplace. Flight attendants, however, are unable to do this as their workplace is contained within the airplane.

Compassionate Allowances program now includes 35 more illnesses

Anyone who has applied for Social Security disability benefits knows that it can be quite frustrating. Not only does the application process take a long time, but two-thirds of applications are reportedly rejected when they are first submitted. Add in a large amount of paperwork, and you have a stressful application process.

Social Security disability benefits help man blinded in mugging

One young man who was blinded nearly 10 years ago understands the challenges that can come after suffering a serious injury. When this New York City man was 16 years old, he and several friends were approached by muggers. He refused to give money to them and the muggers retaliated by stabbing him several times.

Family sues nursing home after maggots found in woman's ear

Maryland families who have moved their loved ones into nursing homes probably expect their loved ones will be treated well and receive high-quality care from the nursing home employees. Unfortunately, nursing home residents do not always receive the quality of care that may be advertised or anticipated by residents. One Illinois family can attest to this from first-hand experience.

Construction workers pinned under concrete slab

Many Maryland construction workers head to their jobs every day, without any serious injuries or medical problems. While many of these workers may realize the potential for dangerous accidents in construction sites, they probably do not expect a serious construction accident to injure them.

Truck driver fatigue suspected in fatal accident

Semi-truck accidents caused by driver fatigue can expose truck drivers to liability for any injuries or deaths resulting from the crash. The key factor is the driver's negligence: whether that driver failed to exercise the kind of reasonable care expected under the circumstances.


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