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January 2013 Archives

Construction worker falls two stories, expected to survive

Construction workers in Maryland or anywhere are susceptible to many different kinds of hazards while on the job. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has promulgated safety regulations that must be followed by employers in the construction business. Failure to do so can result in citations for OSHA violations, as well as workers' compensation claims made by an injured construction worker.

Class action lawsuit filed against Social Security Administration

Under federal Social Security disability law, those who suffer from permanent mental or physical disabilities that keep them from working, or who are very low-income, are entitled to receive a certain amount of help from the government.

Study: Medical malpractice often goes unaddressed by medical board

A recent review of cases brought before the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board between 2010 and 2012, yielded some surprising, if not disturbing, results. In many of cases involving clear doctor error, the medical board did not take any action. And, in more than half of the cases where action was taken, the doctors only received reprimands. Perhaps the most surprising part of these results was this: in at least 50 of the cases studied, patients had been injured or sickened by the doctor's malpractice or even died as a result of the errors.

Head-on collision ends with fatality in Maryland

After a recent two-vehicle collision in Maryland, one driver is dead and the other in the hospital with serious injuries. According to the Maryland State Police, an SUV traveling east on a state highway crossed the double-yellow centerline and directly struck a sedan traveling in the opposite direction.

Baby died during birth after doctor ignored mother's pleas

An expecting mother spends months preparing for her baby's birth. She may settle a space for the baby to sleep in, purchase clothes, and consider baby names. To lose one's baby because of an accident in the hospital would be very traumatic.

Experimental treatment could change brain injury recovery

A traumatic brain injury likely occurs very suddenly and unexpectedly. It may occur when a person is playing football or skiing. Car accidents also cause many traumatic brain injuries. For a person with a traumatic brain injury, the path to recovery can be uncertain. However, the findings from a research group at Duke University could change the treatment of people with traumatic brain injuries.

Contract workers seriously hurt in electrical panel accident

Earlier this week, two electrical workers suffered injuries in an accident at work. The workers were seriously hurt when an electrical panel they were working on arced, essentially creating a fireball. As a result of the accident, one worker has burns on 12 percent of his body. The other worker was hurt but suffered less serious injuries.

Four pedestrians struck in Maryland auto accident

According to the Anne Arundel County Fire Department, a car recently struck four pedestrians as it tried to turn onto a highway onramp. All four of the pedestrians, three of whom are teenagers, were seriously injured and had to be transported to a trauma center. According to the police, the auto accident occurred when the driver tried to turn onto the onramp at the same time as the pedestrians were attempting to cross it. There are many ways in which a driver's negligence can cause car accidents that end in serious injury for the victims. If a driver does not act with the ordinary level of care due under the circumstances, then that driver may be held legally responsible for injuries caused. Examples of potentially neglectful behavior include speeding, driving drunk and driving while distracted by something such as a cell phone.

Looming budget cuts may hit disabled populations

While Congress eventually made decisions to avoid the fiscal cliff, some programs could still see budget cuts go into effect later this year. During negotiations about how to avoid the fiscal cliff and another potential financial crisis, lawmakers delayed budget cuts until March that were supposed to go into effect on Jan. 1.

Maryland motor vehicle accident leaves two injured

Maryland State Police are investigating a Beltway collision between a tractor-trailer and an SUV that left two drivers injured. The auto accident happened after the SUV, while attempting to switch into the slow lane so it could exit the highway, was hit by the tractor-trailer, which dragged the smaller vehicle over the jersey wall and into the Outer Loop lanes.

Nursing home staff neglected resident before his death

Imagine moving your family member into a nursing home, expecting the staff will take good care of your loved one, only to learn weeks or months later that the nursing home employees abused your loved one. It is an unfortunate reality that many families with elderly loved ones in nursing homes have experienced this moment of realization.

Research labs are more dangerous than they look

When thinking about unsafe workplaces, construction sites and factories may immediately come to mind. However, there is another workplace in which many workers suffer injuries. Research labs can be dangerous, especially if the lab workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals or animals.

Social Security Administration to eliminate paper checks

With each advancement in technology, new ways of accomplishing tasks are invented. For instance, tasks like banking that used to be done in person can now be done online. Other financial tasks like paying taxes can also be done electronically. E-filing, email, and e-payments have become standard ways of doing business.

Lung cancer diagnosis could have come years earlier

When patients go to the hospital to seek medical advice or treatment, they likely trust that the medical professionals they interact with will provide thorough care. Some Maryland patients may be able to understand one woman's frustrations when she learned that an oversight may have led to her terminal illness.

Construction accident kills one, injures another

Workplace accidents can put both workers and their employers in a difficult situation. Construction workers in Maryland may be able to relate to the experiences of workers at a Wisconsin construction site where a fatal accident occurred last summer.

Five teens injured in Howard County auto accident

Recently, five Howard County teenagers pulling out of their high school parking lot were injured when a truck hit the sedan in which they were riding. Emergency crews transported the four passengers in the sedan to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, and the passengers were released that evening. Hospital personnel had to airlift the sedan's driver, however, and take him to a shock trauma center, where he remains in critical condition.

Epilepsy impacts an entire family

Financial security can be challenging for a family to attain when a family member suffers from an illness. When multiple family members struggle with a lifelong illness, financial difficulties may become even more serious. For one family, epilepsy brings them together, but it has also given them challenges.

Woman loses voice and ability to breathe due to surgical error

When a patient goes to the hospital for surgery, she may be worried about receiving anesthetics and about the surgical procedure itself. This patient likely does not want to worry about whether the surgery will be done properly or whether it will result in a worse injury than she had going into the surgery.

Investigation into garage worker's death during Sandy

Employees place a certain level of trust in their employers when they come to work. Since employees spend a significant amount of time at work, they likely trust that their workplace will not be too dangerous. For some Maryland workers, this may mean trusting that one's employer has kept up to date with fire codes and safety regulations. For other employees, this trust may apply to a short period of time in which one's safety could be endangered.


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