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February 2013 Archives

Tractor-trailer fatally injures Maryland driver

A collision involving a tractor-trailer recently left one dead and two injured on the Inner Loop of the Beltway in Maryland. For as-yet-unknown reasons, the truck drifted off the road and struck a man who was fixing a flat tire on his vehicle. The vehicle was parked on the shoulder of the road. The passengers in the vehicle - a 17-year-old girl and a 1-year-old girl - were ejected from the vehicle and hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. The man was declared dead at the scene.

Industrial worker caught in machine suffers facial injuries

Maryland workers that are employed in the construction or industrial fields often stand at an elevated risk for being seriously injured in an accident on the job. In an effort to mitigate this risk, there are certain safety regulations around various components of the tasks that these workers are called to perform. It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that these safety measures are closely adhered to. Failure to do so can mean serious consequences for an employer and serious injury for a victimized employee.

Serious surgical errors occur 40 times each week nationally

There is not typically an inherent mistrust among Maryland patients with their doctors and other health care providers. Particularly in instances when an individual is going to be unconscious for a procedure, that sense of trust is critical. Unfortunately, it is when patients are under anesthesia for a variety of reasons that medical mistakes typically occur. Surgical errors are one of the most common claims of medical malpractice around the country, including here in Maryland.

Maryland SSD benefit recipients can manage related information online

Under the laws governing Social Security disability, individuals around the country --including here in Maryland -- who struggle with permanent mental or physical disabilities which result in the individual being unable to work, are eligible to receive some assistance from the government. However, this eligibility does not mean immediate or even guaranteed assistance. Often, the process of applying for and waiting for a decision after submitting a Social Security Disability application can be long, and often frustrating.

Three-car accident injures four in Maryland

Four people were recently injured in Maryland in a series of collisions as a driver attempted to flee the police. According to a Maryland State Police spokesman, the incident began when a trooper attempted to pull a driver over due to a traffic violation. The driver instead fled the scene and ran a red light about a mile away from the initial stop, hitting a vehicle attempting to turn left at the intersection, and then colliding with a second vehicle afterwards. The four people injured were all sent to the hospital for treatment.

Incomplete removal of placenta led to deadly infection in mother

Proper care, attention and follow-up care are crucial when delivering a child in Maryland or anywhere else because it is the health of both the child and the mother that is at stake. When there is a lapse in care, a family is very often devastated. Tragically, there is a little girl that lives out of state that is growing up without a mother because when the little girl was being delivered, a resident failed to completely remove the mother's placenta, which resulted in a deadly infection and hemorrhaging that went untreated in a tragic instance of medical malpractice.

Maryland individuals with disabilities could see rental assistance

Individuals that struggle with disabilities at times find that they are unable to care for themselves without assistance. Not all families are able to provide housing or the necessary funds to be able to adequately support the individual either. There is a clear need for support and housing for individuals in Maryland that fit this description.

Safety initiatives crucial for wellbeing of Maryland workers

Construction accidents and industrial accidents seem to make the news the most in Maryland, but it turns out that agriculture, forestry and fishing occupations are actually the most dangerous fields of employment in the United States. In fact, one report finds that these industries have 2.5 times higher the risk of a fatal workplace accident than the field of construction work.

Maryland car crash results in critical injuries

A recent two-vehicle collision in Maryland has left both drivers hospitalized, one with life-threatening injuries. According to Maryland State Police troopers, the accident occurred when the driver of a westbound pickup truck failed to stop at a stop sign. The truck then hit a northbound SUV, causing both vehicles to crash into an embankment. The pickup continued up the embankment until it hit a tree, ultimately stopping by a grass shoulder. The driver of the pickup truck was transported to the hospital while the critically-injured SUV driver went to a shock trauma center.

Medical malpractice claims common among missed breast cancer

In Maryland, we are often raised to have an innate trust in firefighters, police officers and other figures considered to be working for the better of the public. Another figure like this is doctors. We want to believe that our doctors are thorough, qualified and have our best interest in mind. However, doctors are still human and fallible to error. Unfortunately, these errors can have devastating and even deadly consequences so their errors are rightfully held to more scrutiny and repercussions than that of the average professional.

Number of individuals afflicted by Alzheimer's predicted to rise

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease. It robs afflicted individuals in Maryland and across the rest of the nation of their memories, their sense of self and their connections with loved ones. Alzheimer's hijacks an individual's reality and morphs it into something that feels foreign and scary. As a family member, it can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one slowly drift away in this most common form of dementia.

Safety violations pop when soda company fined $130,000 by OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates safety laws and regulations in the workplace to protect workers not just in Maryland, but around the country. While an injured worker in Maryland can collect workers' compensation benefits in the event of a workplace accident that yields injury, this is inconvenient and disruptive for the employee. Further, they can be confronted with barriers in obtaining their due compensation and may need to seek the assistance of an experience legal attorney.

Seven injured in Maryland fire truck-tractor-trailer crash

Seven motorists were recently injured in a chain-reaction collision between a volunteer fire department truck, a tractor-trailer and an SUV on the Beltway. According to investigators, the fire truck was attempting to make a U-turn in a cut-through meant for the exclusive use of emergency vehicles when the tractor-trailer hit the fire truck from behind with such force that the two vehicles hit the SUV, which subsequently overturned.


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