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March 2013 Archives

Construction worker buried under rubble from blast

An out-of-state construction worker met a terrible end this week when routine rock blasting went awry, resulting in the worker being buried and subsequently crushed under literally tons of rubble and debris. Because the accident happened just two days ago, the investigation into the cause of this tragic happening is still underway. This means that there is little that is presently known by way of details. The only information given on the victim killed in this fatal construction accident is that he was 61-years-old.

Researchers seek to identify genetic markers of mental illnesses

Last week we discussed the plight of one woman that struggled for years with depression, denied claims, appeals and more denials before she was finally awarded the Social Security Disability benefits that she desperately needed. In detailing her pursuit of benefits, we discussed how documenting evidence of mental illnesses that prevent individuals from working in Maryland can be more difficult than documenting evidence of other debilitating illnesses or conditions because there is often only empirical evidence and symptoms to indicate an individual is struggling with such a serious condition.

Delaware suspends doctor after 55 claims of medical malpractice

Doctors go to school for many years, and are licensed by a medical board to try to ensure that all doctor's practice up to a certain standard. Sometimes, however, doctors do not live up to that standard and end up with medical malpractice charges against themselves.

Depressed and sleep-deprived medical residents prone to errors

The maximum number of consecutive hours that a medical resident is permitted to work without a break was curtailed in 2011 when it was thought that errors made by these young doctors were occurring due to fatigue. A medical oversight board thought that cutting the number of consecutive hours a resident was permitted to work from 30 hours to 16 hours, would mean that residents would be able to sleep more and thereby make fewer errors.

Depression can render an individual in Maryland unable to work

There is no blood test for depression like there is for many other crippling illnesses that prevent individuals in Maryland from being able to work. However, simply because it is not as easy to identify through a blood test or something similar in no way diminishes the struggle that individual is made to shoulder.

Injured health care provider a risk for both provider and patient

There are a few misconceptions about workers' compensation in Maryland. First of all, an injured worker does not have to become injured through some catastrophic workplace accident in order to pursue benefits. Workers in Maryland can obtain benefits to cover medical expenses and supplement lost wages in instances of repetitive stress injuries, or the aggravation of a pre-existing condition as well.

False positive mammograms can be devastating for patients

It is estimated that just this year, around 40,000 mothers, friends, wives, sisters and daughters around the nation will die from breast cancer. When a patient in Maryland receives word that something abnormal was found, they often think the worst despite wanting to remain positive. Then, when the crushing news is delivered that scans revealed breast cancer, a woman can feel like her world is crumbling.

Alleged drunk driver sideswipes Maryland deputy

An alleged drunk driver hit a sheriff's deputy as well as the deputy's marked cruiser in a recent Maryland collision. According to local police, the deputy was pulled over on the side of the road and had his emergency lights activated for a traffic stop when the allegedly intoxicated driver clipped him, and then proceeded to hit the cruiser as well.

Training with virtual technology can increase workplace safety

Have you ever seen a movie in which an astronaut is practicing flying a space craft on some sort of virtual simulation? Or a pilot is practicing landing a flight in treacherous conditions with a similarly animated program? One company asked why this type of virtual reality technology was only used to increase workplace safety of a very select number of occupations. Then, with a grant from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, they set out to change that.

Maryland patient dies from transplant of rabies infected organ

For many individuals that choose to be organ donors, this is a wonderful way to give life after death. When an out-of-state individual passed away in the hospital from an illness, both of their kidneys, their liver and their heart were all donated. A resident of Maryland was the recipient of one of these donations. At the time, this appeared to be a life-saving gift. However, about a year after the transplant, the Maryland recipient became ill and died.

Denied SSDI benefits applications can be appealed in Maryland

Unfortunately, many individuals that file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in Maryland will have their claim initially denied. A denied claim is usually issued not because the filer does not need the benefits, but because they did not have enough evidence, the proper medical documentation or there was some other circumstance that prohibited an individual that needs benefits from obtaining approval.

Driver taken from scene of Maryland auto accident by helicopter

According to the Maryland State Police, a woman was flown via state police medevac helicopter to a shock trauma center as a precautionary measure after a recent car crash. The auto accident occurred when the woman attempted a U-turn while driving north and another car hit her vehicle. Staff from the local volunteer fire department had to extract the victim from her car. The other driver was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Waking up during surgery can lead to PTSD in victims

There is far more at stake when a doctor makes an error than if another professional made an error in their line of work. When a doctor in Maryland makes a mistake or a hospital fails in some manner, a victimized patient could require additional surgery, have their condition worsened or even die in the worst of circumstances. This can directly translate to a diminished quality of life for victims.

Recent boost in opportunities for individuals with disabilities

There are thousands of individuals that struggle with some sort of disability in Maryland. Very often, such disabilities inhibit individuals from being able to hold a job. Thereby some individuals in Maryland are unable to earn an income to cover even their basic costs of living because of their disability.

Daylight savings time certainly not saving on workplace accidents

Many Maryland residents are happy to see the dark days of winter lightening as we gain more hours of sunlight. This Sunday makes the beginning of daylight savings time, which means that at 2 a.m. the clocks will jump forward an hour. While the extended sunlight in the evening is welcome for many, the loss of an hour of sleep can also make Monday morning painful.

Misdiagnosis common among primary care doctors

From prescription errors to misdiagnosis, medical malpractice can result in serious personal injuries, even death. While significant attention has been made to medical errors that take place in hospitals, less attention has been paid to mistakes made in outpatient settings such as primary care physicians' offices. Maryland readers might be interested to read about a recent study conducted on medical professional error and primary care physicians.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities fight misconceptions

There are many individuals in Maryland that are struggling with a mentally or physically disabling condition or illness which prevents them from being able to work. In such circumstances, not only is the individual made to struggle with their disability, but they are often made to struggle to maintain adequate nutrition, housing and even the understanding of the community at large. Many disabilities carry a certain negative connotation that can cause individuals that do not have personal experience with the disability to pass judgment. These unfair views can serve to further hinder an individual with a disability.

Injured worker settles with truck manufacturer for $6.5 million

When a worker is injured in on the job in Maryland, the worker is often unable to continuing working for some period of time while simultaneously being confronted with extensive medical bills. Workers' compensation benefits will work to provide for both medical coverage and lost wages.

A leading cause of death in children is often misdiagnosed

When it comes to the birth and delivery of a child, most parents in Maryland hope for one thing above all else: a healthy baby. Of all the potential risks and complications that can occur with pregnancy, delivery and the following weeks, many parents are unaware that a pediatric stroke is a significant potential risk for their new born.


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