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April 2013 Archives

Fight carpal tunnel with these important tips

Do you type for hours at a computer? Doing work with your hands can lead to various injuries, including harm to your wrist and nerves. A common disorder that results from such repetitive hand use is carpal tunnel syndrome. Experts note that the condition is most common in people that use their hands daily in the work setting.

First lawsuits filed in deadly Texas fertilizer plant explosion

On April 17, a massive explosion took place at a West, Texas, fertilizer plant. The explosion killed 14 people and injured more than 200. It also leveled 75 nearby homes and damaged numerous businesses in the area.

National Council on Disability urges increase to SSI asset limits

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI is a Social Security disability program that provides basic subsistence benefits for disabled children or those who are blind, over 65, or permanently disabled, but don't qualify for the larger Social Security Disability Insurance program. The reason the vast majority of SSI beneficiaries don't qualify for SSDI is either because they have never been able to work or they haven't worked enough time counting toward the insurance program.

Study: diagnostic errors may harm or kill 160,000 every year

A new study by researchers at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has come as quite a surprise to many in the medical field. After analyzing more than 350,000 medical malpractice claims that resulted in awards to injured patients, the researchers found that diagnostic errors -- misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose patients' conditions at all -- were responsible for approximately 35 percent of those claims.

Family wins wrongful death lawsuit for 2009 car accident

Fighting for what is right is not always the easy thing to do. This is especially true after the death of a loved one. While our instincts may be to put tragedy behind us and move on with our lives, sometimes standing up for what is right is more important than simply letting it go. The following is the story of one Maryland family who did just that after losing their sole teenage daughter to serious injuries she sustained in an auto accident while en route to her bus stop back in September 2009.

Man crushed to death in mystery accident with tipper truck

A family is looking to find answers in the workplace accident that claimed the life of their loved one. The man was a beloved husband, father and grandfather. All members of the family are deeply troubled by the accident that claimed him, but are further troubled that no one can explain his untimely death.

A denied SSDI application can be appealed in Maryland

It can be beyond discouraging when an individual in Maryland sees their application for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits denied. Many feel hopeless when already faced with struggle. A denied SSDI application can feel insurmountable, but many individuals do not realize that there is an appeals process, meaning that an initially denied claim does not mean that an individual will never receive SSDI benefits.

Jury awards millions to parents of daughter with cerebral palsy

It is difficult to describe the pain of a family in Maryland left devastated because the delivery of what was supposed to be a healthy baby went horribly wrong. Not only can these resulting birth injuries change the trajectory of the child's life and development, but in many instances it also saddles parents with the financial burden of astronomical medical and long-term care expenses.

Rider sustains serious injuries in Maryland motorcycle crash

A recent motorcycle crash in Maryland serves as a reminder that with spring approaching, more motorcyclists will be on the road and Maryland drivers need to be more watchful. A driver's negligence in noticing motorcyclists around him or her can lead to the rider suffering very serious injuries.

Maryland residents with disabilities should accept deserved help

Some individuals in Maryland that are unable to work because of a debilitating condition desperately need financial assistance, but are reluctant to pursue available avenues. Why? Unfortunately, there is a level of stigma propagated by uninformed parties and biased media surrounding the receipt of benefits. It is important to address these issues so that more people can seek help.

What sort of injury risks can a Maryland office worker face?

Workplace safety is by and large focused on preventing injuries in Maryland. Most often people think that this means properly training employees to use heavy machinery, inspecting machinery and outfitting workers with proper protective gear. While all of those things are critical to the safety of workers across Maryland, workplace safety can extend far beyond that. Workplace safety can also include adequate security, or educating office workers about correcting their posture.

Major motor vehicle accident shuts down I-95

At any given point in the day, there is likely a large commercial truck driving down Interstate 95. From package delivery drivers to large 18-wheel-semi-trucks, commercial drivers are always present on the roads. Most Maryland drivers are used to sharing the road with these giants but just a like large animal, if one gets too close, it could be extremely dangerous. Any time a large truck or commercial vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle accident, serious injuries and heavy damage are a possibility.

Routine procedure goes terribly awry, settlement reached

For most teenagers in Maryland, fears around having their wisdom teeth removed are primarily confined to going to class with cheeks that are inflated like a chipmunk's. Having wisdom teeth extracted is a very common procedure that is most typically met with very minimal complications. Unfortunately, when a doctor, surgeon or any other medical professional is careless, even the most routine of procedures can go tragically awry.

Brachial plexus injuries seeing advances with new technology

The death or injury of a child at birth is a devastating fate to happen to any parents in Maryland or elsewhere. In some instances, fetal demise or injury is the result of circumstances that were unavoidable. In other instances, an infant does not survive or is seriously injured because of negligence on behalf of a medical professional or hospital staff.

President announces initiative to map human brain

In our last post, we discussed the manner in which research is underway that could mean an ability to identify genetic markers of mental illnesses. However, in some mental illnesses, the condition is brought about by trauma to the brain. Very often, veterans with traumatic brain injuries develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Additionally, victims of car accidents or workplace accidents can suffer a traumatic brain injury that impacts the manner that they express or feel emotions.

Enforcement of workplace safety measures often lax

While there are avenues for financial recovery following a workplace accident or illness in Maryland, many feel that there is not enough that is done by way of prevention. Small safety measures can often go a long way, yet these small measures are often ignored by employers that are looking to save costs at the expense of their workers' health.

Wrong way driver smashes into van on Maryland highway

One must remain alert when driving the roads even when weather conditions are perfect. Traffic signals, construction sites and, perhaps most dangerous of all, other drivers are all potential causes of auto accidents. One Maryland in particular was recently charged for an alleged failure to follow one of the most basic rules of road safety.


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