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May 2013 Archives

Hospital, doctor sued for unnecessary operations on hundreds

It is not just medical professionals that must be held accountable for keeping patients safe. The hospitals and facilities in which these professionals work also hold responsibility, and if a doctor is acting negligently, the facility can also be held financially liable for the damages caused to victims.

Workers with back injuries becoming addicted to painkillers

Workers in Maryland very often suffer from back injuries due to the nature of their job. Sometimes these back injuries develop after an accident, sometimes it is due to a lack of training regarding proper lifting techniques and other times the back injury is the aggravation of a preexisting condition.

Medical breakthroughs can offer better treatments, more help

A young woman in her 20s was working at the New York Post when things began to go awry. Suddenly her personality shifted, she became forgetful and paranoid. The shifts quickly impacted her ability to work as she blew multiple deadlines, forgetting assignments. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.

Motor vehicle crash injures three people near Laurel, Maryland

Trucks come in and out of roadways in Maryland every day. As heavy lifters, these vehicles usually carry large loads of various goods for different kinds of businesses. They may carry large quantities of electronic equipment or petroleum products. Because of the size of trucks, they may also impose potential risks toward other motorists in Laurel and cause motor vehicle crashes. Their loads, which can be highly flammable, may also contribute to those threats, which is why many truck-related accidents result in catastrophes.

What can a Maryland worker do to protect their safety?

While many employees across Maryland look forward to an upcoming long weekend for Memorial Day, a few weeks ago Workers Memorial Day ceremonies took place across Maryland. In Cumberland, Maryland, one ceremony comprised a prayer vigil punctuated by the morose sound of bagpipes in honor of workers killed on the job across the state. These ceremonies across the country have a consistent theme: “Pray for the dead, fight like hell for the living.”

Exploration into living with a disability sparked by art exhibit

Being struck at 27 years old by a Lincoln Town Car forever changed the course of one artist’s life. The accident pushed the artist from the category of graduate student into the category of disabled when the car smashed into her legs, altering her mobility and lifestyle.

Fatal motorcycle crash claimed two lives in Maryland

Motorcycle crashes continue to claim lives in Maryland. Recently, a motor vehicle accident involving a van and two motorcyclists happened in Prince George. The van was heading south while two motorcycles were traveling north at the same time. However, the van failed to yield to the approaching traffic and collided with the motorcycles. The motorcyclists were pronounced dead at the scene and the driver was transported to a hospital. Police officers noted that the driver of the van will likely face criminal charges.

Home Depot fork lift operator crushed to death on the job

Most of us do not think twice about the safety of our spouse when we kiss them good bye as they head out the door for another day of work. However, spouses across Maryland are devastated every year when they get the gut-wrenching phone call that their husband or wife was killed in a workplace accident.

Sex assignment surgery for intersex child ends in lawsuit

An estimated one in every 2,000 babies is born with ambiguous genitalia in Maryland and across the rest of the country. A pediatrician and professor at the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics reflects the sentiments of many in the medical field that maintain it is best to avoid forcing a child born intersex into a gender assignment by performing an irreversible operation when the child is young. Instead, this pediatrician says it is in the best interest of the child to allow their gender to naturally develop before taking permanent measures.

How much do caregivers for individuals with disabilities earn?

Some individuals in Maryland rely on Social Security Disability Insurance benefits because a disability prevents the individual from working. It is also not unusual for such a disability to render an individual unable to completely care for themselves. The level of reliance on outside help can vary, but a large population of individuals living in Maryland with a disability does require assistance.

Truck accident results in injuries in Maryland

The trucks that travel Maryland roads can weigh thousands of pounds, therefore, a truck colliding with a passenger vehicle can be extremely damaging. The sheer size of a truck can be overpowering to a passenger vehicle. As a result, motor vehicle accidents involving trucks may lead to injuries or fatalities. However, if a truck accident involves a pedestrian, the outcome may be even worse.

Cancer means struggle beyond hair loss

Cancer: this is a scary word no one in Maryland hopes to hear. Unfortunately, cancer is a fate lived by many struggling to bide their time. A bare head, sometimes covered under a scarf or wig, is often the picture of cancer. But it is not just head hair that a cancer victim can lose during treatment, it is all of the hair: arm hair, leg hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and all those other little follicles we take for granted. It is unlikely you give much thought to your nose hair until it is no longer there, and you are left with perpetually runny a nose.

OSHA aims to better protect temporary workers

Many temporary workers in Maryland are thrown into their duties without proper training or equipment. These workers are injured at much high rates, and these workers often fear reporting their injuries. This is a dangerous combination that jeopardizes the health and wellbeing of these workers.

Doctor 'really shocked' when his throat cancer was misdiagnosed

The most serious of medical mistakes can mean that a patient has years of his or her life shaved off because of a medical professional's negligence. The frightening reality is that this can happen to any patient. A pediatric infectious disease specialist at Georgetown University School of Medicine stands as living testament to this fact.

Diagnostic errors, leading cause of medical malpractice

Many Laurel, Maryland, readers may be interested to know about a recent study with a surprising finding. This study found that most medical malpractice complaints allege diagnostic errors. According to this study, for the past 25 years, most medical malpractice cases in the United States, including in Maryland, occurred due to misdiagnosis.

Bipolar disorder is a struggle known to many but seen by few

Recently, we discussed the barrier that confronts many residents of Maryland living with a disability from seeking the help that he or she needs. Often, such disabilities will prevent individuals from continuing to work. However, struggling individuals might feel uncomfortable filing a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits because the individual might feel uncomfortable with what other will think.

Motorcycle accidents that lead to death increase in Maryland

Motorcycle riders may be a common sight for Maryland residents because more and more people prefer motorcycles as a means of transportation. Many people find motorcycles more advantageous than passenger vehicles due to their flexibility in traffic and modest use of gasoline. While this may seem like good news, it may also increase the possibility of motorcyclists being involved in motor vehicle accidents.


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