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July 2013 Archives

Man awarded $1.2 billion in nursing home negligence suit

When families are unable to care for their loved ones, they may turn to a nursing home to manage the day-to-day care and medical treatments that their relatives need. Most nursing homes in Maryland and elsewhere do an excellent job of providing care. However, when nursing home negligence does occur, patients can suffer injury or even death as a result. One man was recently awarded an enormous sum after filing a civil suit claiming that his 69-year-old mother was neglected while under a nursing home's care. The two companies named in the lawsuit were involved in a previous nursing home abuse case.

Surgical errors could cause pain for Maryland residents

Any Maryland resident that follows news coverage may be aware of surgical errors that take place. These can be both costly and expensive for those involved. While often thought to be rare, a recent article about one specific hospital shows that surgical errors are actually on the rise.

Worker pinned to truck in construction accident

Maryland construction workers know just how dangerous outdoor building sites can be. Regardless of whether or not safety regulations are followed, any misstep or stroke of bad luck can lead to one or more hard working individuals being severely injured. One such construction accident recently occurred when a man was pinned to a truck by a fallen wall.

Motor vehicle accident claims one life in Maryland

Motor vehicle accidents are a fact of life. That is why motorists are advised to drive safely by following rules and regulations on the road and by respecting fellow drivers. In Prince Georges, Maryland, motor vehicle crashes are often serious and can often lead to death.

Senate bill impacts disability benefits, terminal illnesses

According to Social Security Administration policy, anyone who is in need of support for a serious injury or illness is required to wait five months before receiving disability benefits. Depending on a person's condition and his or her financial situation, the payments simply may not be delivered soon enough. Unfortunately, this might be the experience for a number of Maryland residents living with a terminal illness.

Disabled persons denied preventative health screening coverage

Earlier this month, the Obama Administration announced that provisions of the Affordable Care Act requiring employers to provide health insurance to their employees, provided that they employ 50 or more workers, will be delayed until 2015. Earlier this week, the House of Representatives voted to delay another Affordable Care Act provision mandating that Americans either purchase health coverage or pay a penalty.

Baltimore Ravens cheerleader dies in motorcycle crash

Motorcycle enthusiasts in the Prince George area enjoy their bikes as both a means of entertainment and a convenient method of transportation. For a motorcycle aficionado, driving his or her motorcycle is a unique experience. However, driving a two-wheeled vehicle poses greater risks than driving another type of motor vehicle, such as a car. Motorcycle riders may wear protective gear, such as a helmet, but this does not guarantee the safety of the motorcyclist. In motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, riders often sustain serious injuries that can lead to their death.

Delayed treatment results from ignored alarms in Maryland

Maryland residents who have spent time in a hospital, either as a patient or as a visitor, will likely be familiar with the barrage of noises associated with medical care. Recent research indicates the constant sound of bells and whistles, alarms and tones may pose a risk to patient health. In fact, Maryland health officials warned all hospitals in the state about "alarm complacency" after receiving reports of several delayed treatment cases involving alarms.

Man crushed by 1,000 lb. concrete slab in construction accident

Unfortunately, another construction worker simply looking to make a living has been injured on the job. Maryland workers know just as well as any others across the nation that, no matter the precautions taken, on-the-job mishaps are an inescapable truth while working outdoors and around heavy equipment. In this instance, the construction accident occurred when a half-ton concrete slab toppled over onto a nearby man attempting to move it.

Does surgeon error result in retained guidewires in Maryland?

No matter where you are, whether here in Maryland or somewhere else in the United States, a medical emergency can cause panic, confusion and distraction. The truth of the matter is this type of confusion can also occur inside the operating room. When confusion takes place during surgery, it can lead to surgeon error. Researchers now say that the retention of guidewires used when placing central venous catheters is a preventable error that happens more often than it should.

Tractor-trailer crash causes other collisions in Maryland

Commercial vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, are widely used by various industries for transporting different types of freight. The presence of trucks on roads and highways is at an all-time high. In Laurel, most motorists probably watch out for trucks, like semis and tractor-trailers, because those vehicles can cause catastrophic accidents.

Man injured on the job after metal pipe hit his head

When multiple people are working around dangerous equipment on a regular basis, there are bound to be mishaps from time to time. Safety equipment can help reduce the damage that many of these incidents can cause, but they can only go so far in preventing occasionally serious injuries from occurring. Sometimes, an accident is simply unavoidable and a worker will be injured on the job regardless of how many precautions they opted to take.

Examining SSD fraud and fraudster scams

The vast majority of Social Security disability (SSD) benefits recipients sincerely need these benefits. These individuals suffer from challenging physical and/or mental conditions that inhibit their ability to work. However, some recipients receive SSD benefits fraudulently. SSD fraud is a crime and should obviously be avoided. However, even the appearance of fraud could land legitimate SSD recipients in hot water legally.

What is the Ticket to Work program?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is charged in part with helping injured workers and other disabled Americans obtain benefits designed to help them remain financially stable despite an inability to work. However, not all recipients of Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) will remain unable to work for the remainder of their lives. Many SSD recipients wish to return to work as soon as they are able. The SSA’s Ticket to Work program helps these individuals achieve that goal.

Auto accident involving two trucks and one car injures one

In Laurel, Maryland, there have been numerous cases of auto accidents that resulted in injuries and fatalities. Injuries can be life changing; some people suffer permanent injury like paralysis and amputation. Dealing with this painful ordeal can be difficult for victims as insurance companies may try to limit the compensation that the victim receives.

Multiple workers injured after major construction accident

No matter how many safety protocols are followed on the job, sometimes accidents will inevitably happen. Maryland construction workers, as well as those around the nation, understand the potential risks every day they head out on a job. That said, sometimes a construction accident occurs on a scale few would have expected to contend with.

Family receives compensation after failure to diagnose

New parents, especially new parents of their first child, have many fears. Many see the most devastating of diseases in a tiny case of the sniffles. For these parents, assurance and advice from their pediatrician calms them and puts the illness in perspective. However, for one couple, their fears were falsely allayed by a physician at a hospital, ultimately resulting in a lawsuit alleging that their daughter's death was caused by the physician's failure to diagnose her illness. Maryland parents who feel their child's life has been compromised in a similar situation may be interested in knowing the legal options that are available to them.


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