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August 2013 Archives

Surgical errors led to throwing away kidney prior to transplant

When a nurse throws away an organ being used in an organ transplant surgery, the hospital involved can be accused of negligence. In one recent case where this reportedly occurred, the allegations involve the donor of the kidney being the patient's brother. A nurse supposedly threw away a perfect transplant match right before it was needed for the surgery, which had already begun. In Maryland, that kind of negligence may well support a claim for medical malpractice based on surgical errors.

Social Security Administration opens benefits to same-sex couples

One of the major social developments of the past couple of years has been the advancement of gay and lesbian rights; specifically in regards to marriage. The Supreme Court of the United States recently struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, granting same-sex couples the right to marry. There are 13 states (one of which is our home state of Maryland) plus the District of Colombia that formally recognize same-sex marriage and all of the benefits that relationship entails.

1 worker hurt, 1 killed in fall during construction accident.

No matter how safe a person tries to make his or her own work environment, most Maryland construction workers are aware that the possibility for an accident to occur is always very real. Malfunctioning equipment or inattentiveness can be all it takes to transform a regular workday into the setting of a serious accident. Two men were recently injured, one of which fatally, in a construction accident after a simple broken strap led to them falling close to 30 feet.

Man sues doctor for failure to diagnose epidural abscess

Failure to diagnose is recognized as a major cause of medical malpractice claims. The reported case is not filed in Maryland but it follows the same general contours of negligence law that underlies the usual medical claim. A couple is suing a physician for failure to diagnose and treat a large epidural abscess. The complaint states that in July 2011 the husband was admitted to a hospital under the physician's care.

Construction accident leaves 2 men seriously injured

Construction workers in Maryland understand that their job can be dangerous. There is a certain amount of risk every construction worker takes when they go out to a jobsite. Even when all safety measures are taken, it is still possible to become the victim of a construction accident.

Car-motorcycle crash kills one Maryland resident, injures two

Emergency responders immediately took action after a motor vehicle accident near Laurel, Maryland. Reportedly, a collision between a car and motorcycle recently occurred on Route 18. The crash sent three people to the hospital. Unfortunately, the motorcycle's passenger died in the accident.

SSDI for military members injured while on active duty

It's possible that some Maryland veterans injured while on active duty could be entitled to Social Security disability insurance. Though we know of the more than 5 million disabled workers that already receive SSDI, it's possible that many service members are eligible for this while not even knowing their legal options.

Stigma of mental illness leaves many fearful of seeking help

Despite the large number of people who live with mental illnesses, there is still widespread misunderstanding of how mental illnesses affect an individual. In Maryland, many of us have heard unpleasant and derogatory terms used to describe people who have mental illnesses. Sadly, terms like "crazy" or "nut case" have become common language when referring to people with mental illnesses. Although the Social Security Administration and advocacy groups have taken some steps to help do away with this stigma, many people are severely affected by society's unwillingness to look deeper than outside behavior.

Anticipating medical malpractice cases due to surgical errors

Many Laurel, Maryland residents may assume that surgeries are always performed to save someone's life and prevent further complications of a disease or illness. Surgical procedures have no room for error. The same goes for any diagnosis, treatment or medication given to a patient.

Freak workplace accident causes explosion injuring 2 employees

Whether in Maryland or elsewhere, pretty much anything can happen while working on the job, especially with heavy equipment around. Malfunctioning machinery and falls can unfortunately be all-too-common happenstances. However, every once in a while a workplace accident will occur that is both completely unexpected and defies all logic, even with the inclusion of heavy machinery.

Maryland surgical errors: Equipment issues could be to blame

With the amount of errors that occur in a hospital or other medical facility, surgery is usually an event that many people are nervous about. A number of Maryland residents may wonder how so many surgical errors could happen. A recent study has shown that many of the errors are attributed to equipment and technology problems.

Surgical error leaves Maryland woman with ruptured uterus

Medical care is something that no person should feel the need to compromise on. Should they find themselves in need of a procedure, they should also be able to trust their medical professionals to provide the proper care and follow the needed protocols. Any mistake on the part of the doctor, such as surgical errors, could have detrimental effects for the patient and possibly even lead to death.

Children with autism may qualify for SSD benefits

Parents of autistic children are acutely aware of the fact that their children’s medical condition can be a truly costly one. According to data compiled by Harvard’s School of Public Health, directly related medical and non-medical costs associated with caring for a child with autism can amount to between roughly $67,000 and $72,000 annually. Thankfully, financial support programs do exist for those who qualify.

Auto accident involving truck claims a motorcycle rider's life

The involvement of a truck in a motor vehicle accident can turn what otherwise would be a minor collision into a tragic accident. Merely by judging the size of a truck, someone can visualize the potential damage it may cause. Other vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, are simply no match in a collision with a truck, and a driver or rider of a smaller vehicle often sustains serious injuries that can lead to his or her death.

Deadly fall kills man in construction accident

It seems like not a day goes by in which one or more construction workers are seriously injured or worse while on the job. Maryland residents may be saddened to hear that reports over the past few days indicate that this unfortunate trend does not seem to be slowing down. One man has recently been killed in a construction accident after tumbling off a scaffolding walkway and falling a great distance.

C-section: a risky procedure for delivering a baby

When a pregnant woman is about to give birth, she has two options: vaginal delivery or Caesarean delivery. Surprisingly, the C-section is becoming the new trend for delivery. From 1996 to 2009, C-sections in the U.S. increased by 60 percent. And from 2009 to 2012, 31 percent of recorded births employed that procedure.

New SSD payment methods are inspiring fraud

Last month, we discussed some of the ways in which individuals receiving Social Security benefits are either doing so by intentional fraud or by actions that the Social Security Administration (SSA) could potentially label as fraud. However, fraud in either application for benefits or continuing to receive benefits fraudulently are not the only ways that fraud is affecting individuals receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. In fact, the ways in which the SSA pays SSD recipients have increasingly become targets for fraudsters and thieves from outside the system.

Worker trapped under loader in workplace accident

It is always important to remember that families are often affected when someone is injured. A worker that is hurt on the job may be unable to financially support his or her family for the duration of their recovery. Many Maryland construction workers understand and respect these risks of when working among dangerous equipment. Even still, sometimes unforeseen circumstances result in a workplace accident all the same.


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