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September 2013 Archives

A common birth injury, a closer look at cerebral palsy

The health of an infant is the main concern of most expectant parents in Laurel, Maryland. However, a child can sometimes be born with defects due to birth injuries. A birth injury may occur due to medical error, error during delivery or a C-section that was not done quickly enough.

Mental health issues are covered by SSDI

The number of individuals receiving Social Security Disability Insurance concerning mental illness has doubled since 1998.  This may be in part due to the definition for a disabling condition covered by SSDI having changed.  

Maryland mall parking garage collapse results in worker's death

The collapse of a 43,000 pound slab of concrete at a Maryland mall is blamed for the death of one construction worker and serious injuries to another. From a report prepared by a group of structural engineers called into investigate the matter it remains unclear if the collapse came about because of a jack malfunctioning or because of scaffolding extending beyond manufacturing recommendations. Apparently a set of conditions did may have at least triggered how the accident occurred.

Jury awards $2.85 million for doctor error causing paralysis

Sometimes an injured claimant will settle with one tortious wrongdoer prior to trial and go to trial only against the non-settling defendant. That happened in a medical malpractice case in a locality outside of Maryland where doctor error was the primary theory of recovery. The injured victim settled with the hospital where the treatment took place and then went to trial against the non-settling physician.

COPD and SSD benefits: what is COPD?

Millions of Americans have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and suffer from daily bouts of coughing and breathlessness. COPD affects nearly 12 million Americans and has become one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. 

Workplace safety in agricultural industry still a great concern

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration are working with leaders in the agricultural sector in hopes of reducing the number of accidents occurring on farms.  There were 475 deaths reported of agricultural workers in 2012.  There have been as many as 48,000 injuries during single years as well.

Is technology advanced enough to prevent medical errors?

Protecting the patient should be a top priority for hospitals, doctors and other health care professionals. Residents in Laurel, Maryland, may agree with this fact also. However, based on statistics, on average, one medication error occurs every day. Some of these mistakes are associated with prescription errors, wrong dosage or wrong medication. It is the responsibility of the hospital to prevent such errors.

Bethesda worker crushed by excavator

A worker in Bethesda was killed on September 16th when he became pinned between an excavator and a home.  The accident occurred at 8:35 a.m.  Though fellow construction workers attempted to free the man from his predicament, but the worker later succumbed to his injuries at Suburban Hospital.  Two other workers were injured during the efforts to rescue the deceased man.

Jury gives more than $10 million in fatal surgical error case

Many Maryland residents dread going to the hospital, particularly when a medical procedure is scheduled. For many, the entire process represents a loss of control and immersion into an unfamiliar world in which strangers make significant decisions regarding one's health and wellness. Many people fear that a mistake will be made, and that serious injury or even death could result. While these types of errors are rare, they do occur. One recent medical malpractice case underscores the risk of experiencing a fatal surgical error.

The state of SSD benefits for disabled children

We have mentioned before that under certain circumstances, disabled children can receive government benefits that will help to pay for any special needs they may have. When children qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, the extra money provided for them and their caregivers can mean the difference between adequate care and inadequate care. However, it is important for parents seeking these benefits to keep a few things in mind.

Motor vehicle crash kills elderly woman in Maryland

Car accidents, including those in Laurel, Maryland, give rise to many personal injury claims throughout the country. An auto accident, resulting in financial damages and pain and suffering, happens every 10 seconds.

Federal workers are injured on the job, too

While we're used to hearing about work-related accidents and injuries in the private sector, there are particular jobs in the public sector that can seem equally hazardous. The fatality rate for federal workers over all is lower than it is in the private sector, but that is in part because so many jobs involve administrative functions with little risk.

Why saving SSD is a critical priority right now

In the United States today, more than 11 million people rely on certain benefits for their survival. According to Reuters, approximately two million dependants and nine million disabled adults depend on Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for their livelihood. Unfortunately, the Social Security trust is rapidly depleting. In order to maintain the trust for the benefit of the nation’s elderly, those who rely on SSD benefits may be forced to endure cuts to their monthly check amounts.

Construction worker is buried and dies in Maryland accident

A 25-year-old man working in Severn was killed when the trench he was in collapsed. The accident reportedly occurred during the morning hours on August 19th. The man was apparently buried alive and it took more than three hours for Ann Arundel and Howard County officials to recover this individual's body.

Birth injury plaintiffs win medical malpractice case

For many parents in Laurel, Maryland, the birth of their child is one of the most important events of their lives. However, not all babies are born healthy; some of them suffer from birth injuries. If that happens, the family of the victim may wish to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, particularly if they believe that hospital errors contributed to the birth injury.

$130 million awarded in severe birth injuries case

Although large medical malpractice awards have influenced hospitals and doctors to systematize and update their health care procedures to increase patients' safety, the awards have done nothing to fuel spiraling health care costs or to make malpractice premiums any higher. In Maryland and other states, restricting such awards has not resulted in promised benefits. One recent case, however, gave fuel to more false cries for tort reform. A jury awarded $130 million against a hospital and its employees for birth injuries sustained in failing to monitor a fetus and its pregnant mother.

Agricultural jobs and injuries to child laborers

Maryland is one of 17 states where child labor laws are mostly exempted when it comes to agricultural work. This could mean that various provisions of the Fair Labor Standards act regulating the age of the worker, hours worked or wages of these young workers will not be applied.  


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