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October 2013 Archives

Failure to diagnose at center of medical malpractice case

Parents -- especially new ones -- have many fears. Most new parents are both overly tired and inexperienced, leading to countless trips to the doctor and sometimes the hospital. For new parents, their pediatrician often calms them and puts most newborn illnesses into perspective. However, for one Maryland couple, their fears were falsely allayed by a physician. This ultimately resulted in a lawsuit, alleging that their baby daughter's brain damage was caused by the pediatrician's failure to diagnose her illness.

Maryland receives SSI reform initiative grant

We have mentioned previously that many children who qualify for governmental benefits such as Social Security Disability (SSD) are unlikely to become completely financially self-sufficient adults. This is simply because if children qualify for these kinds of benefits, they are likely facing significant enough mental and/or physical challenges that working a full-time job will either be beyond their capacity or not in their best interests once they reach the age of majority.

Death of female announcer may be attributed to doctor mistake

It doesn't matter what kind of reputation or status a doctor has in the community. In Maryland and all other jurisdictions, medical malpractice can occur by the hand of a seasoned veteran or a relative newcomer. No matter at what stage in their career, however, what matters is whether the treatment fell below the minimum standard of care required under the circumstances. If a proven doctor mistake caused injury or death, the doctor is liable for the resulting damages.

Malpractice costs prompt Mercy to end ties with midwife group

Mercy Medical Center, just minutes away from Laurel, Maryland, recently decided to sever ties with a group of midwives who had been used by the hospital for many years. Mercy made the decision because of doubling of medical malpractice insurance costs in 2013 that followed two suits against different Baltimore-area hospitals. The suits are unrelated to the midwife group that Mercy had been using. Mercy has not said why this particular service would no longer be used.

Women injured while employed in the construction trade

While women only comprise nine percent of the workforce in the construction industry, these workers often face dangers which are unique to their gender.  Equipment to protect the worker may be designed for men and not properly fit a female worker.  Also, sanitation facilities provided for workers may have been designed with men in mind and may not be adequate for women.

Maryland workers: Keep an eye on safety this month

Workplace accidents can happen in any environment and to any worker, but it is true that some types of injuries may be more common in certain industries. For example, construction workers may suffer broken bones or head injuries while office workers may be more likely to suffer back injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome. But there are some injuries that all workers can be in danger of suffering, such as eye injuries. 

Fact-checkers discount misleading "60 Minutes" report on SSDI

The flagship franchise in TV journalism has for decades been CBS's "60 Minutes." The Sunday evening program has for years put dishonest politicians, crooked business schemes and fascinating interviews with celebrities and leaders on the table for viewers in Laurel and across the nation to examine and discuss.

Contractor killed while working on the D.C. Metro line

An explosion on the D.C. Metro line could possibly have resulted in the taking of the life of a contractor.  The explosion may have caused a 40 foot rail to move while striking the workers.  Besides the death of the contractor, two other employees were taken to the hospital.  Investigation into this matter is continuing.

Nursing home standards of care not up to par for many families

It can be difficult on any Maryland family when they realize that they are unable to adequately care for an elderly family member and have to put them in a nursing home. Every family hopes that their loved one will be treated with respect and will be properly taken care of by the staff. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and the standards of care aren't up to par for many families.

Government shutdown does not stop SSDI payments

As most residents of Laurel understand, the recent shutdown of the federal government has had a negative impact on our local economy and residents. Unfortunately for many, a number of government employees have been furloughed as the shutdown drags on.

Making certain one is covered in the event of disability

While all Maryland residents hope for good health, problems can crop up for anyone.  As almost everyone has others relying upon them for emotional and financial support, an injury or illness that prevents an individual from working can be devastating.

Baby born with severe brain damage, case settles for $9 million

Some basic mistakes are made so often in birth cases that one wonders why the medical establishment hasn't resolved the problems by now. In a locality outside of Maryland, a university medical center has settled for $9 million with the parents of a baby delivered there. The baby has severe and permanent brain damage and will not be able to walk or talk due to the botched delivery procedure.

On-the-job construction fatalities rose in 2012

Two construction workers have recently died on the same college campus.  One died on September 9th, but little detail has been provided as to how the accident occurred.  Another construction worker died back in July while working on the roof of a hall on campus when he fell.


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