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June 2014 Archives

Potential new tool to limit doctor error in diagnosis of disorder

A once almost unknown disorder in children and young adolescents has become a common household word over the past few decades. Now, as many as an estimated 7 percent of children are treated for Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD. Of those children, though, it is not known how many of them may be victims of doctor error because of misdiagnosis. Maryland families may be interested to learn that there could be a new tool to aid doctors when they trying to properly diagnose children with suspected ADHD.

One man sustains severe injuries in tractor-trailer accident

Truck accidents often lead to catastrophe consequences. Drivers on Maryland roads see their fair share of truck traffic and truck accidents, which could be a result of driver negligence. Inattentive driving or failure to follow state traffic rules and regulations are often the causes of these accidents. When a truck accident occurs, smaller vehicles cannot withstand the damaging impact of the larger vehicles, resulting in serious damages to property and severe injuries, most often to the smaller vehicle's occupants.

StoryCorps project focuses on disability community

In the last several years, if you've followed media coverage of issues related to Social Security Disability benefits, then you've undoubtedly noticed some controversy. For a while, many reports about disability benefits suggested that most people who receive them were somehow gaming the system. This perspective, however, reflects a lack of understanding of the SSDI system and the people who need those benefits to make ends meet.

Help for individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia

Imagine being in constant pain, continually fatigued and experiencing tremendous difficulty concentrating. Now imagine going to doctor after doctor and being told that nothing is really wrong with you. For individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia, many likely suffered the ill-effects of the illness for years before receiving a formal diagnosis.

Maryland police officer hurt in car crash

Drivers in Laurel, Maryland need to be attentive to other drivers on the road. A car crash can happen at any time and cause serious injury. Regardless of the cause of motor vehicle accidents, whether they happen due to the weather, driver negligence, a drunk driver, texting and driving or for any other reason, it's imperative that the victim and the victim's family knows what to do in the accident's aftermath.

Resident dies after nursing home failed to prevent fall

One residential care facility in another state has recently been found to be responsible when an elderly patient suffered a serious fall and died less than a week later. The nursing home has reportedly failed to properly maintain equipment that is used to help transfer incapacitated patients that are unable to move on their own from a bed to a chair. This incident may be of interest to Maryland families who have loved ones in these types of facilities.

Reasons behind increase in number of SSD beneficiaries, varied and complex

Since its creation, the Social Security Administration's Disability program has provided much-needed income to millions of Americans and their dependants. Information released in April of this year shows that nearly 11 million Americans are currently receiving Social Security Disability benefits. What's more, experts contend that "one in 19 Americans have been approved for benefits."

Auto accident sends 4 people to the hospital, 1 critical

Auto accidents are frequent happenings in Prince Georges County, Maryland. A collision between two or more vehicles can result in an injury catastrophe. Auto accidents can be a result of driver negligence, engine malfunction or extreme weather conditions. If the accident was a result of driver carelessness or failure to exercise due care, the injured parties automatically earn the right to request compensation.

Ways to help avoid surgical errors for Maryland patients, others

Patients who are facing a surgical procedure may have many details to tend to before the big day. It also makes sense for a patient to seek to ensure their own safety in order to avoid becoming a victim of surgical errors. A few basic tips could benefit patients in every state, including Maryland.

Extreme mood shifts disrupt the lives of bipolar sufferers

Everyone experiences ups and downs in their moods and energy levels. For individuals with bipolar disorder, however, the highs and lows tend to be much more extreme and are often accompanied by a variety of other negative side effects. Commonly referred to as manic depression, bipolar disorder causes disruptions in the brain which result in changes in one's brain chemistry that affect an individual's mood, energy level, thought process, behavior and overall effect.

Medical errors pose significant patient safety risks

Medical tests can determine whether a patient has a condition requiring immediate medical attention. A single medical error can significantly put a patient's health at risk. However, according to a recent study from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, such errors are becoming the biggest concern for patient safety not just in Maryland, but across the country as well.

Man's medical license pulled for 1 year for failure to diagnose

Patients expect their doctors to listen to their complaints and to help them obtain the proper treatment in order to be restored to good health. While listening to patients is crucial to quality patient care, so is picking up on what isn't being said. One doctor has now had his medical license suspended for missing the behavioral cues of certain patients. That may have led to a failure to diagnose the medical problems of certain patients who may have had a prescription pill dependency. While this man did not practice in Maryland, it may be useful to others to learn about his experience.


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