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July 2014 Archives

How Maryland State Highway analyzes motor vehicle crashes

Motor vehicle crashes happen far too frequently, not just in Maryland, but all throughout the United States. An estimated 18 million auto accidents happen each year in the country and those accidents lead to more than 5 million injuries and 40,000 fatalities. Car accidents are the most common motor vehicle accident and these result in the greatest number of injuries and fatalities as well as property damage. To prevent car accidents and other forms of auto accidents, the state of Maryland created the State Highway Administration to handle such cases.

SSDI recipients could soon see 20 percent cut to benefits amount

Imagine the following scenario. You're a working parent who is the main breadwinner and upon whose job your family relies on for medical benefits. Upon driving home from work one day, your car is hit by a semi. You suffer several serious and debilitating injuries including a traumatic brain injury. After months in the hospital, you go home and quickly realize that life will never be the same. Impacted by cognitive and physical disabilities, even everyday tasks are now a challenge and working and earning any type of income is out of the question. What happens to you and your family? How will you afford to live?

Motorcyclist and passenger injured in Maryland accident

Many Maryland residents find motorcycles to be a great way to travel for work and pleasure, especially during rush hour when these two-wheeled vehicles can easily travel through tight spaces. The biggest drawback to riding a motorcycle is that riders are highly vulnerable in any accident. Other motor vehicle drivers often fail to see motorcycles around them on the road, making accidents more likely.

What to do if your SSD application is denied

Living with a disabling injury or medical condition can severely and negatively impact an individual's life in a number of ways. In many cases, individuals who suffer a physical or mental disability or who are stricken with a disabling medical condition are no longer able to work. Thankfully, the Social Security Administration established a disability benefits program aimed to help these individuals.

2 suits filed for delayed treatment, neglect of gunshot victims

In Maryland and other jurisdictions, when a hospital is sued twice in a short time for neglect dealing with the same issue, it may be an indication that something is amiss in its procedural protocol. Delayed treatment and a failure to diagnose a man in the emergency room resulted in his untimely death, according to a lawsuit recently filed. Hospital and physician negligence during the week long care of another patient are blamed for his severe injuries, it is charged in a second lawsuit filed the same week.

Employment rate dropping for people with serious mental illness

People who are suffering from mental illness face a number of challenges in their daily lives. Depending on the extent of their condition, they may require ongoing care and powerful medication to manage symptoms. However, many people are able to get the help they need so that they can lead a lifestyle similar to those who are not suffering from the same condition.

Ladders result in high number of workplace accidents

Ladders are known to be dangerous, but did you know that your risk of getting hurt while using a ladder at work in Maryland could be higher than in other situations? Workplace accidents involving ladder falls have resulted in serious injuries and deaths in the past, and now there are statistics to back up that fact. According to an article from June 23, 43 percent of fatal falls at workplaces over the last decade have been attributed to ladder usage. Not only are 43 percent of those falls from ladders, but ladders were also found to be the leading cause of work-related injuries and deaths in the construction field.

Overweight mothers at higher risk of birth-injured babies

For most people, the birth of a child is one of the most important events in their lives, whether they live in Hawaii or Maryland. A new addition to a family is generally a cause for celebration, especially when the delivery has been especially long or hard. In fact, giving birth is not an easy task for most mothers. Beyond the often excruciating pain, a mother might be concerned that her baby will suffer a birth injury.

Worker dies in tragic construction accident

Maryland construction companies and their employees try to operate safely, but tragic and fatal accidents sometimes happen unexpectedly. Indeed, one such construction accident recently claimed the life of a worker in a southern state. The incident occurred on a Friday after the ground underneath the man caved in, and he fell.

Widower sues doctors for misdiagnosis and death of patient

One substantial area of medical malpractice in Maryland and other states is the misdiagnosis of patients’ conditions. This is often seen in the failure to diagnose a serious, progressive illness, such as some form of cancer. Or, it could be the failure to diagnose an existing infection that is on the verge of killing the patient within days or hours. These situations often result in a death of patient and a lawsuit by the family against the physician and others.

Health care workers may suffer numerous and costly injuries

There are a number of injuries that can happen on the job in Maryland, but a new report indicates that musculoskeletal injuries are among those costing the the most for employers and for employees who have been injured on the job. In some cases, this could be the fault of repetitive work or safety issues in the workplace.

$25.3 million for physician negligence in failing to inform

All states, including Maryland, subscribe to the legal concept that a physician must fully inform the patient of a proposed course of treatment. This generally includes providing a description of the treatment, the risks, alternative treatment and alternative medical diagnoses. Physician negligence constituting medical malpractice can be found due to the physician not giving the reasonably indicated information per the existing circumstances.

Veterans may qualify for social security disability benefits

Veterans residing in Maryland or elsewhere may be qualified to receive social security disability benefits. Although there is a VA program that provides disability benefits for service-related disabilities, that is separate from the Social Security disability program administered by the Social Security Administration. The SSA program, which is open to veterans and non-veterans alike, doesn’t require the veteran to prove that the disability is connected to military service.

Patients should speak up to avoid misdiagnosis

Medical errors, such as surgery on the wrong part of the body, prescription error and misdiagnosis, can worsen a patient's condition or even cause death. Maryland residents probably know that medical errors are identified as "never event" cases, which means that the error should not have happened in the first place. Medical errors could be a result of deviating from standard procedure, miscommunication and other mistakes that can be fatal for the patient.

Overdose deaths have skyrocketed in recent years

Prescription drug use in the nation has purportedly increased by several hundred percent in the past 10 years. According to recent statistics, one person dies every hour in this country from a prescription overdose. The biggest culprit is the abuse of prescription pain relievers. The problem is not confined to just one locale. Every state, including Maryland, has recorded deaths of patients from these medications.

Legal action begins against driver in motorcycle accident

Some motorcycle enthusiasts are seasonal riders, while others are considered experienced drivers who ride their motorcycles quite a bit. Motorcyclists are usually aware of the risks involved in riding a motorcycle, such as being susceptible to severe injuries in the event of a collision with another vehicle and may take steps to limit the possible damage.


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