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August 2014 Archives

Walt Disney World sued for violating ADA

Walt Disney World is often celebrated as a magical place where dreams come true. However according to a recent lawsuit, that has grown to include 30 families and 36 individuals, many individuals with disabilities are not included among those welcome at the magic kingdom. The lawsuit names Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as the defendant and accuses the company of violating provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

$4 million award in failure to diagnose heart attack

The failure to diagnose something that is right in front of the physician is a particularly frustrating experience for both patients and doctors. Of course, there are valid reasons why something might not be recognized – the failure to diagnose is not always proof of medical malpractice in Maryland or elsewhere. But in those instances where the medical providers do not do what they are reasonably expected to do under the circumstances, it is negligence.

Who is entitled to compensation for damages in a car accident?

Car accidents can often result in personal injury claims. Here in Maryland, readers know that insurance plays an important role in car accidents. Injured parties may receive compensation from their insurers or from the insurance carrier of the other party involved in the collision. All types of traffic accidents are governed by the law of negligence. In some car accidents, you can easily determine the party at fault and the identity of the injured party. If you were involved in a car collision and you have sustained injuries as a result of that collision, you may be asking this question - am I entitled to damages?

Scientists discover a surplus of neural connections in brains of autistic children

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every 68 children born in the U.S. is diagnosed with autism. While the severity and presence of some of the symptoms associated with the disorder vary, all autistic children experience some level of deficiency with regard to social interactions and communication skills. A large percentage also exhibit repetitive or ritualistic behaviors.

Surgeon error blamed for sepsis infection leading to death

Maryland law provides that a surgeon is held to the same standard of care as other doctors. The surgeon must not fall below the minimum standard of care recognized by his or her medical peers for similar services. In that context, consider a recent lawsuit filed by an estate against two doctors and a medical center. The estate claims that due to surgeon error, a temporary stint that was implanted into the patient’s body was so mismanaged after the initial procedure that the patient ultimately died.

Motorcyclist remains in critical condition after a head-on crash

Maryland motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Here in Laurel, Maryland, motorcyclists are aware that riding their motorcycles is more dangerous than driving a car. This is why they double their efforts when it comes to preventing motorcycle accidents. Before hitting the road, riders are advised to check their two-wheeled vehicles to determine if everything is in good condition. Wearing safety gear, such as helmets, can also prevent serious injury in the event of a collision.

Societal and cultural differences help shape how individuals experience mental disorders

People often use many phrases when discussing or describing an individual who has a mental illness. From phrases like he's a little different or she's really emotional to more derogatory expressions that an individual is wrong in the head or crazy, in general people in the U.S. have negative opinions about people with mental disorders. Negative views of mental illnesses like depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia may, one researcher believes, have a profound impact on the experiences and long-term prognosis of individuals diagnosed with these types of conditions.

Medical malpractice: basic information

When a person steps inside a hospital for consultation or other health concerns, that person expects that the health care professionals will provide him or her with the best possible care. Readers in Prince Georges, Maryland, are aware that a medical error may occur when a health care provider deviates from their standard of care, which is that of what a prudent health care provider would do under the same circumstances. Medical errors including a misdiagnosis, prescription error or surgical error can endanger a patient's life, resulting in a worsened condition, serious injury or even a fatality.

Doctor must pay $2.3 million for failure to diagnose infection

Failing to diagnose a serious infection that is rapidly spreading through the patient’s body seems to be a highly reported source of medical malpractice in Maryland and other states. A large jury verdict was recently entered on behalf of a man who was sent home from a hospital on Oct. 1, 2010 with a serious bacterial infection. As a result of the doctor’s failure to diagnose the infection, the infection has seriously destroyed the patient’s hip, causing a hip transplant.

Vital federal funding for autism reserach approved through 2019

Today, one out of every 68 children born in the U.S. will be diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder. The prevalence of autism has increased dramatically in recent decades, yet much about the disorder remains a mystery. Medical researchers and doctors still don't know what causes autism and many parents struggle to access and provide a child who’s been diagnosed with the recommended medical care and therapies.

Truck accident kills 19-year-old motorcyclist in Denton

Maryland drivers are accustomed to seeing large trucks, such as 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers, on the state's roads and highways. Most of the drivers of these vehicles are professionals and follow strict rules and regulations to avoid accidents even as they work to deliver their goods on schedule. Unfortunately, a few truck drivers routinely fail to follow relevant regulations and lives, and in doing so they endanger the lives of others on the road.

Testing wrong knee leads to suit for failure to diagnose cancer

Failure to diagnose is a common cause of medical malpractice in Maryland and other states. When it is a substantial factor in causing an injury or increased harm to a patient, the careless medical providers can be liable to the patient for damages. In one recent filing, the plaintiff has sued two doctors and a medical clinic for failure to diagnose a cancerous tumor.

Lawsuit filed for alleged surgical errors that led to amputation

Surgeries are performed in Maryland and all across the country every day. Some are considered basic or routine, while others are emergent or more complex. No matter what the need for surgery may be, patients should be able to trust that surgical staff will adequately and accurately perform the procedure required. It is an unfortunate truth that surgical errors do happen, and these medical mistakes can have severe lifelong consequences for the patient.


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