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November 2014 Archives

Accident involving sheriff's car injures three

Like other states, Maryland has its share of car accidents, injured motorists and pedestrians and people killed. Many factors contribute to motor vehicle accidents, and one of the most prominent is driver negligence. Car accidents caused by driver negligence often destroy vehicles and other property as well as injure and kill people. The injured parties may be entitled to compensation if a driver acted with negligence.

Death of patient alleged due to negligence and medical mistake

When a medical facility in Maryland doesn't exercise appropriate care when tending to a patient, this can result in the patient's death. Unfortunately, the death of one patient, said to be 21, recently occurred after her parents said she received improper care at a hospital in another state that may have been negligent and made a medical mistake. The parents are now suing the facility, alleging that their daughter died from liver and brain issues because she didn't get appropriate care following the deterioration of her health.

For anxiety sufferers, worry and fear dominate

We all feel nervous or anxious at times. Often referred to as the "fight or flight" response, the adrenaline rush that accompanies feelings of anxiety and fear help prepare us to run or defend ourselves when necessary. However, for some individuals feelings of anxiety and fear become overwhelming and interfere with one's ability to work, engage socially and function normally day to day.

The importance of getting the right help after a truck accident

Maryland is crisscrossed with state and federal highways that are constantly being used by commercial trucks. By their very size and weight, especially when loaded, these vehicles present constant dangers to smaller motor vehicles, such as passenger cars. A truck merely sideswiping a smaller vehicle can create considerable damage and injure or even kill the occupants in the car, van or pickup truck. In any accident involving speed, such as typically occurs on the state's streets and highways, smaller vehicles are simply no match against commercial trucks of any size, including 18-wheelers and semi-trailers.

Failure to diagnose can lead to a patient's death

When a person in Maryland goes in for a doctor's assessment, he or she often relies on the physician to give him or her accurate information. The patient's life often depends on this. Unfortunately, the failure to diagnose a condition in a timely and correct fashion can quickly lead to a patient's death.

What are the main causes of birth injuries?

As every Maryland mother knows, delivering a baby is not an easy task, whether it is at home with a midwife or in the hospital under the watchful eye of obstetricians and other medical staff. In both settings, midwives and physicians have to exercise the utmost care to ensure the safety of the infant and the mother. A single error during delivery can result in birth injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent damage to the baby. In some cases, a baby can be deprived of a normal life due to a birth injury. One of the worst injuries is a brachial plexus injury.

Birth injuries can happen due to physician negligence

When you are expecting a baby in Maryland, you expect your physician to guide you through the birthing process in a safe manner. However, physician negligence can quickly lead to birth injuries, which unfortunately can prove to be fatal in some cases. If other hospital staff and medical professionals, such as obstetrical nurses, are negligent, this can also cause your child to suffer serious injuries.

Unable to work, time isn't a luxury afforded to disabled U.S. workers

Many Maryland residents take their good health for granted. It isn't until an individual is stricken with the flu or sprains an ankle that he or she can, on some level, appreciate the difficulties and hardships experienced by individuals who have a serious medical condition or are physically disabled.

Joan Rivers' daughter to file medical mistake lawsuit

Medical malpractice in Maryland can result in serious injuries and even death. In one high-profile, out-of-state case, the daughter of late comedian Joan Rivers is planning to file a medical malpractice suit against an endoscopy clinic at which the entertainer reportedly ended up in a coma while going through a throat procedure. Daughter Melissa Rivers plans to sue for millions of dollars in the medical mistake case.

What Maryland patients can do to help prevent medical errors

Medical errors and instances of medical malpractice happen most often in hospitals and physicians' offices and clinics throughout Maryland. However, they also can happen in other places, such as pharmacies and nursing homes. A lack of communication between health-care providers also increases the risk of a medical error. Both medical professionals and patients can help prevent these problems by taking a few precautions.

Blood test to prove depression is not just in your head

Throughout life, many people experience times of sadness and depression. Often these low points are triggered by or in response to an adverse event in an individual's life like the death of a loved one or end of a marriage. For individuals who suffer from major depressive disorder, feelings of sadness and hopelessness may not necessarily be tied to any particular event and often endure for long periods of time with little relief.


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