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February 2015 Archives

Helping Maryland residents secure SSD benefits

Individuals, who suffer from chronic illnesses or medical conditions, suffer a debilitating injury or were born with a physical or mental disability often face many life and financial challenges. In cases where one's condition makes it difficult to impossible to work, these challenges are often magnified and can result in an individual and his or her family suffering overly-burdensome financial hardships.

What can be done after a fatal birth injury?

Mothers go through nine months of pregnancy, excited about the day when their babies will be delivered. In Prince Georges, Maryland, readers understand that the birth of an infant is not without possible risks and complications. It is the responsibility of the obstetrician and medical staff to reduce those risks and ensure the baby's safe delivery. However, not all deliveries go smoothly. There have been many recorded cases of birth injuries caused by the medical staff's negligence. Those injuries often leave the baby permanently damaged, and, in some severe cases, either the baby or the mother, or both, passes away.

Woman claims potentially fatal surgical error in malpractice case

Undergoing a medical procedure and finding the outcome to not be as one had hoped is disheartening. However, finding out that a potentially fatal surgical error was made and that the error resulted in life-threatening complications is infuriating. One woman who was treated outside of Maryland is currently suing her physician and the clinic where she was treated for reportedly failing to properly diagnose a potentially fatal condition that she suffered on the same day that she underwent liposuction.

Girl dies as a result of alleged medical mistake

Losing a loved one as a result of a doctor's improper treatment is grounds for a lawsuit in Maryland. One woman in another state recently exercised her right to sue an allegedly negligent doctor after she said the doctor's carelessness caused the death of her daughter. The doctor being sued for the reported medical mistake is associated with an urgent care center.

How does the Social Security Administration make determinations about disability benefits?

In this blog, we discuss many of the debilitating illnesses, injuries and medical conditions that may prevent an individual from being able to return to work. People who suffer from chronic medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, have been diagnosed with cancer or suffered a debilitating brain injury may struggle to make ends meet. Thankfully, SocialSecurity disability benefits can provide much-needed income to disabled U.S. workers.

Holding responsible parties accountable for motorcycle accidents

Across the country, including in Maryland, many accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles happen because drivers are not looking for these smaller vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders almost always suffer more than drivers, whether the result is a serious injury or death. Motorcyclists who survive accidents with serious injuries often face the additional challenge of paying for costly medical treatment while suffering financial losses because of time lost from work.

Alleged surgeon error leads to medical malpractice suit

When a surgeon makes a mistake, the result can be catastrophic for a patient in Maryland. This is the situation one woman recently faced in an out-of-state case when a doctor allegedly left a particular surgical implement inside of her after a surgery. The woman has filed a lawsuit against the doctor as well as the medical center where the surgeon error reportedly occurred.

The debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia

Imagine waking after getting several hours of sleep and still feeling exhausted and feeling pain radiate throughout one's body with no apparent cause. For an estimated five million U.S. adults, painful and disruptive symptoms like headaches, widespread pain and fatigue are unfortunately something experienced on a daily basis. In many cases, an individual may suffer for years and endure countless medical tests and misdiagnosis before finally learning that he or she has fibromyalgia.

Family alleges medical mistake leads to man's death

Patients in Maryland often put a huge amount of trust in their doctors' diagnoses, but sometimes their diagnoses are wrong, thus leading to injury or death. One man in an out-of-state case recently passed away from a heart attack after his family claimed he was misdiagnosed by a doctor. The family is now suing the hospital where he died due to the alleged medical mistake.

Three people sustain serious injuries in a car/bus collision

No one can predict when a car accident will occur. Here in Prince George's County, some local residents have witnessed auto accidents while traveling on Maryland's beltways. A collision between a car and other motor vehicle often results in damaged property and injuries to the people involved. Most survivors of car accidents consider themselves lucky if they only suffer minor injuries. In many cases, victims sustain debilitating or fatal injuries as a result of motor vehicle crashes.


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