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December 2015 Archives

What is the Ticket to Work program?

As a Social Security Disability recipient in Maryland, you know that money can be tight. Perhaps you dream someday of becoming financially independent. If so, you are not unlike thousands of other people out there. Social Security recognizes that you want to work and so the agency has set up the Ticket to Work program to help give you the opportunity.

Study: Night shifts put officers at higher risk of injury

It is well known that Prince Georges law enforcement officers have a higher risk of getting injured on the job than people in other professions. A spouse in an altercation, an armed robber or a high-speed car chase all pose a danger to the officers who respond to the situation. However, are there more risks for those officers on different shifts?

Cancer study examines benefit of antibody treatment

Social Security offers disability benefits to many people in Maryland who have been diagnosed with cancer. The agency states that eligibility is based on how people have responded to therapy, their involvement level with the cancer and how the cancer occurred. As part of the evaluation process, Social Security looks at several sources of documentation such as medical reports, test findings and doctor’s notes. It is important for patients to continue exploring all methods of treatments available to them.

Lack of treatment makes brain injuries unpredictable

Science still has a long way to go in uncovering the secrets hidden within the human brain, and this makes it difficult for doctors in Maryland and elsewhere, to treat you if you suffer an injury in this area. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that currently, there is no known treatment that doctors can rely on for a brain injury. Their only option is to take precautions to stabilize you so that more damage does not continue to occur.

Tractor trailers do not operate the same way cars do

Encountering tractor trailers on the road is a daily event for people in Prince Georges. These big rigs transport important products to retailers and companies, but their sheer size makes them one of the biggest threats to motorists. One of best ways for people to lower their risk of getting into an accident with a tractor trailer is to understand that they do not operate in the same manner that a passenger vehicle does.

Can I claim workers’ compensation for a lost limb in MD?

Unlike other states, if you lose a limb in a workplace accident here in Maryland, you would not receive a payment for that limb. Instead, you would be eligible for either permanent partial disability or permanent total disability benefits, according to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.


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