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May 2016 Archives

Lifting injuries a big problem for those in health care

As more people in Maryland are starting to live longer, the demand for nurses and other health care professionals is high. However, while many consider nursing to be a noble profession, it has also gained attention recently as one that comes with a high risk of injury, especially connected to lifting patients.

How safe are the teen drivers in your city?

Across the country, distracted driving has become one of the most serious problems that drivers face. And recent surveys have shown that teens are more likely to be distracted drivers than any other demographic. According to, 59 percent of parents surveyed said that their teens drove in ways that they felt were unsafe, often breaking state laws governing the use of mobile devices. It seems many teens believe that they can split their attention between their mobile devices and driving, to the great risk of other drivers.

How safe are my child’s toys?

As a parent in Maryland, you are concerned with the safety of your child. You childproof your home with locks on reachable cabinets, protective covers for electrical outlets and even foam covers for sharp furniture edges. However, one thing that you may be overlooking is the risk posed by your child’s toys.

Is my cancer eligible for SSD benefits?

Cancer is a frightening word for good reason. If you have been diagnosed with a serious cancer, then it is likely you have had to stop working and that your chances of returning to work within the next year or so are slim. However, you may be able to get some financial benefits through the Social Security Disability program.

Dog bite sends Harford County child to trauma center

Dogs are popular pets for many people in Prince Georges. They provide companionship to older people, protect private and public property, and soothe anxiety and depression symptoms. However, it is important for people to remember that dogs, as sweet and domestic as they appear, can still be unpredictable. One report, according to, shows that dog bites resulting in the need for emergency care occur to about 1,000 Americans every day. Dog bites can generate infections and leave permanent physical and emotional scars on victims.

Independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ comp

The state of Maryland offers a workers’ compensation program that is designed to help you recover from a workplace injury or illness. However, here at McGowan & Cecil LLC, we know that this program is a complex one with many guidelines. One of those guidelines concerns independent contractors vs. employees.

SSD can provide additional support to brain injury victims

The brain is perhaps the most vulnerable and fragile human organ. Considered the computer of the body, the brain tells it when to breathe; controls blood flow; and determines the personality, feelings and thoughts of people in Maryland. When the brain is permanently damaged, it can alter the course of a victim’s life but Social Security Disability may be able to provide some additional financial support.


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