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June 2016 Archives

Boating and drinking a serious problem

Summertime for many people in Maryland means days spent out on their boat with friends and it is not uncommon for alcohol to be present. However, mixing alcohol with operating a boat can be just as dangerous to everyone on the water as drinking and driving. The United States Coast Guard states that in 2014, 21 percent of all deaths connected to recreational boating involved alcohol – that equaled to 108 lives. Additionally, alcohol was identified in boating accidents as the No. 5 leading cause, resulting in more than 248 injuries.

Do I Have Enough Car Insurance?

Our firm represents individuals who have been injured by the negligence (fault) of others. The only action our clients can take to protect themselves is to have as much Underinsured Motorist coverage as they can afford and no less than $100,000.00. Underinsured Motorist coverage provides coverage for your injuries if the at-fault driver has no insurance or less insurance than your Underinsured Motorist coverage.

Disability finance: How can I lower my housing costs?

If you have been left disabled from injury or illness, lowering your housing costs will be important in making every dollar of your Social Security Disability count. This can be a challenge in Maryland, whether you owe on a mortgage or you are a renter. However, there are a few options you may want to check out.

Maryland man suffers severe injury while trimming trees

There are many occupations that require workers in Maryland to spend time outdoors and there are also many risks that this environment poses. Some of these risks include exposure to the elements, which can result in heat stroke, dehydration or heat illness; working with heavy equipment that could malfunction; standing on a high platform and falling off; and operating in close proximity to power lines, which could lead to electrocution.

What should I do after an Auto accident?

Auto accidents can occur in an instant and without notice. Often time's victims experience shock and their injuries will not develop until a day or two after the accident. In order to protect your rights to a potential injury claim it is important to obtain as much information as possible after the accident.

Understanding traffic accidents involving pedestrians

Pedestrians are a common sight around Prince Georges County, especially now that summer has arrived. However, many motorists fail to increase their awareness of pedestrians and this can lead to tragic results. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the number of pedestrians injured in 2013 was over 150,000 and the number of pedestrians who lost their lives was 4,735.

Police Reports and Personal Injury: What are they and what aren't they?

A good personal injury attorney and every attorney at McGowan & Cecil, LLC knows that the most important work in personal injury cases must be done in the first 30 days. Time is of the essence to obtain as much information as possible after an accident. Of the 80 or more initial tasks our firm performs, the police report is usually the best place to start our initial investigation.

What is heat stress?

If you work in an outdoor job around Prince Georges County, then you should take the time to understand what heat stress is. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that prompt attention and medical help is important. For example, if you or a co-worker starts showing signs of heat stress, you need to try to drink water that is cool in temperature; remove outer clothing; use ice bags, towels or water to try to cool yourself, or the worker down; and call 911 if you cannot find your supervisor.

Lowering swimming pool risks

The summer weather has arrived and that means many people in Prince Georges County are having backyard barbecues and opening their swimming pool. However, it also means that the risk of a child drowning in a pool rises. Every year, swimming pools claim the lives of more than 200 children, according to the American Red Cross. Sadly, many of these fatal accidents can be prevented through implementing safety measures around the pool.

Navigating SSD, workers’ compensation and taxes

When people in Maryland are permanently disabled through an accident related to their workplace, they may be unable to return to work. In such a case, they may not only be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits, but also Social Security Disability benefits. However, if injured workers are taking this route, they should be aware that this could affect their tax bill at the end of the year.


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