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Yes. Most health insurance policies have a provision that requires you to pay the insurance company back the amount that they paid for your medical treatment from the accident. You should read your insurance contract to determine if it contains an indemnification provision.


  1. That the accident was your fault. Even if you are injured in a rear end collision they will argue that you made a sudden stop or that you struck the car in front of you first.
  2. That the property damage was not bad enough to have caused an injury.
  3. That you were not injured because you did not go to the Emergency Room.
  4. That if you were injured you were all better in 4-6 weeks.
  5. That any injuries were due to a prior accident or medical condition
  6. That any injuries were due to a subsequent accident or medical condition.
  7. That when you stopped medical treatment you were fully recovered from your injuries.
  8. That when you had a month gap in your medical treatment you were fully recovered from your injuries.
  9. That you are making a claim of injury to get prescription drugs.
  10. That you were not injured because you did not miss any time from work.

An experienced attorney who is retained immediately after an accident can eliminate many of these arguments and prepare strong arguments in response to any that remain. This will help prevent an injured person from unfairly being deprived of fair compensation for their injuries.

Meatpacking warehouse workers face repetitive motion injuries

Workers in various industries in Maryland and across the U.S. would agree that repeating a task continuously may cause them to experience serious discomfort and even receive injuries over time. Innocent workers who follow orders and do their jobs could be affected by long-term conditions and suffer from extensive injuries as a result of their jobs.

Can you work and receive SSDI benefits?

Whether you have been severely injured in a workplace accident or have acquired a disability that makes it hard for you to engage in certain work activities, you may rely on Social Security Disability Insurance to make ends meet. These benefits can help disabled people in Maryland and across the country who are unable to work full-time and cannot earn enough money to financially support themselves. Even if you are eligible to receive SSDI, however, you may be able to continue working in some capacity.

Motorcycle touchscreens: Safety device or biker distraction

While Maryland residents may enjoy driving vehicles that are equipped with navigational devices, voice-activated technology and systems that interact with their Bluetooth devices, motorcyclists have been unable to use these types of systems while riding their bikes. Motorcycles have been somewhat behind the times when it comes to having advanced safety technology and luxury stereo systems. This is about to change, however, as several motorcycle manufacturers have designed bikes that are outfitted with these state-of-the-art mechanisms.

Pre-existing conditions and workers' compensation claims

Maryland employees who are injured in a workplace accident may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits through their employer. The coverage they receive, however, may be contingent on several details surrounding the workplace incident. There are some situations where an employee could get coverage for a pre-existing condition if an on-the-job accident aggravated that condition. At McGowan & Cecil, LLC., we understand that sometimes pre-existing conditions may also interfere with an employee’s ability to receive compensation for his or her injury. This may be true even if the workers’ injury occurred while he or she was on-the-clock. Injured employees should understand how pre-existing conditions could affect their workers’ compensation coverage.

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in DC and Baltimore

After decades of decline, pedestrian accidents have been climbing every year since 2010. This national trend bears out in Baltimore and the District as well - an alarming 60 pedestrian fatalities in the Washington metro last year and more than 1,000 pedestrian injuries.

Nighttime driving increases risk of serious auto accident

A number of people are uncomfortable driving in the dark and avoid traveling along Maryland roadways once the sun has set for the day. These people may in fact have good reason, as the risk of getting into a fatal car accident increases significantly during nighttime hours. According to the National Safety Council, people who drive at night are three times more likely to get into a fatal car accident than those who drive during daylight hours.

Study exposes the frequency of medical misdiagnosis

When people go to the doctor’s office for an evaluation or because they are sick, they trust that their physician will provide them with an accurate diagnosis. Doctors and nurses are some of the most trusted professionals in Maryland and throughout the country. What people may not realize, however, is that the physician may have made a mistake when determining their condition. Doctors may diagnosis people with the wrong condition or in some cases, can fail to provide patients with a diagnosis at all. As a result, people may be treated for something that they don’t have, or could have their condition worsen as they were never diagnosed in the first place.


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