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August 2017 Archives

Alleged IVC filter failure leads to product liability lawsuit

The object of the implantation of IVC filters is to prevent blood clots from moving through a patient's arteries. Reportedly, more than 4,000 product liability lawsuits involving IVC filters are pending against several manufacturers of the devices nationwide, possibly also in Maryland. The widow of a man whose death was allegedly caused by IVC filter failure recently filed one such a claim in another state against the manufacturers Rex Medical, L.P., and Argon Medical Devices Inc.

What to do when compensation for worklace injuries is denied

A debilitating workplace injury can have a devastating impact on the financial stability of any Maryland employee. With mounting doctors' bills and the loss of wages, a letter of denial from the workers' compensation insurance providers could be enough to cause despair for a victim of a workplace accident. However, there is no need to feel deflated because denied benefits claims can be appealed.

Maryland construction worker fatally injured on the job

Construction company owners and their supervisors on building sites are responsible for the health and safety of employees. This responsibility includes regular safety training to ensure construction workers remain vigilant and aware of the dangerous situations to which they may be exposed. Furthermore, personal protective equipment must be provided to all employees. Officials from Maryland Occupational Safety and Health will investigate to see whether these regulations were violated when a worker was recently fatally injured on the job.

Recovering damages after dog bites could be challenging

Thousands of people nationwide fall victim to animal attacks every year. Along with severe injuries, dog bites can cause emotional trauma to victims and their loved ones -- particularly if the victim is a child. In Maryland, dog owners are held strictly liable for any injury or death caused to a person or damage done to property -- if the dog is unrestrained on property other than that of the dog owner. Liability may also attach when a dog attacks someone own its own property. Exceptions exist when victims are trespassing on the dog owner's property or torment, tease, abuse or provoke the dog -- in which cases the dog owner may avoid liability.

Injured on the job? Workers' compensation will continue coverage

Workers in all industries in Maryland rely on their employers to protect their health and safety at work. Unfortunately, many business owners disregard employee safety in favor of higher profits. Those are likely the employers who will be happy to see proposed health and safety regulations postponed or canceled altogether. Several proposed and planned new safety regulations have been postponed or withdrawn in recent months, which may result in more workers being injured on the job.


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