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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Patient struggles after doctor's failure to diagnose heart attack

Maryland readers may be interested in a recent report released by medical experts from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine that states that most Americans who regularly visit a doctor will receive an incorrect or delayed diagnosis at least once during their lifetime. A doctor's failure to diagnose a patient correctly can be detrimental or even deadly. Yet, diagnostic errors such as this are often unmeasured.

Untimely death of patient due to wrong information on wristband

In some situations, every minute counts for patients in hospitals, and mistakes can cost valuable time. It can be hard to place where the mistake occurred -- whether the details slipped through the cracks or the mistake was caused by some other error. Patients in every state, as well as in Maryland, hope that they will not fall victim to these types of mistakes, which can unfortunately lead to an untimely death.

Physician negligence caught on tape

A patient always hopes for the best and most professional care from his or her doctor, but unfortunately, the best is not what is always given. In fact, a doctor may be downright unprofessional when he or she thinks no one will find out. In Maryland, or in any state, physician negligence can negatively affect the patient.

Failure to diagnose cancer in child, parents file lawsuit

In Maryland, and across the United States, patients turn to medical professionals for their expertise in proper diagnosis. The failure to diagnose properly can lead to death. Certain illnesses can be treated if caught in enough time. However, if left undetected, a cancer can spread and grow until the chances of reversing the illness are minimal.

$1.57 million jury award after failure to diagnose surgical error

Having to live with the consequences of a doctor's negligence can bring about unanticipated medical expenses, and obtaining compensation may ease the financial burden. Maryland residents may be interested in a jury award following a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state. The case involved a doctor's failure to diagnose a post-operative complication.

Woman awarded $7 million-plus in failure to diagnose case

The faster a doctor in Maryland can accurately diagnose a medical condition, the more likely a patient is to get the medical treatment he or she needs to recover from the illness as quickly as possible. Failure to diagnose a patient, on the other hand, may cause a person to suffer long-term physical harm or even lose his or her life prematurely. One woman in another state was recently awarded damages in a case in which a doctor did not diagnose her properly.

Family claims physician negligence led to man's death

Failure to be properly diagnosed by a doctor in Maryland can unfortunately lead to one's death. This is the situation that one man's family members faced after they claimed that physician negligence led to their loved one's death. The case, which had gone to trial, was recently settled by the health care system and independent doctors' offices involved in the medical malpractice case.

Alleged failure to diagnose resulted in unnecessary surgery

A doctor's diagnosis is critical in determining which type of treatment a person in Maryland may need when suffering an illness. Failure to diagnose a health condition properly can prevent a patient from getting the right treatment, which can have serious consequences. One woman in another state recently sued a hospital and several doctors for reportedly misdiagnosing the cause of the weakness in her husband's legs.

Patient files suit related to failure to diagnose boil

People who go to the doctor in Maryland usually expect to be treated and diagnosed based on accepted standards of care. If the doctor is negligent, the result may end up causing permanent harm to the patient. One patient in another state has recently sued a doctor as well as his physician assistant for failure to diagnose a boil.

Doctor error allegedly leads to patient's dental complications

One of the most frightening experiences a patient can have is to be injured by the very doctor in which he or she placed his or her trust. One person reportedly suffered injury as a result of a doctor error in a case involving a dentist practicing outside of Maryland. The woman is suing the dental office, claiming she suffered complications resulting from a misdiagnosis and a latex allergy.


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