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Workers' Compensation Archives

What to do when compensation for worklace injuries is denied

A debilitating workplace injury can have a devastating impact on the financial stability of any Maryland employee. With mounting doctors' bills and the loss of wages, a letter of denial from the workers' compensation insurance providers could be enough to cause despair for a victim of a workplace accident. However, there is no need to feel deflated because denied benefits claims can be appealed.

Maryland construction worker fatally injured on the job

Construction company owners and their supervisors on building sites are responsible for the health and safety of employees. This responsibility includes regular safety training to ensure construction workers remain vigilant and aware of the dangerous situations to which they may be exposed. Furthermore, personal protective equipment must be provided to all employees. Officials from Maryland Occupational Safety and Health will investigate to see whether these regulations were violated when a worker was recently fatally injured on the job.

Injured on the job? Workers' compensation will continue coverage

Workers in all industries in Maryland rely on their employers to protect their health and safety at work. Unfortunately, many business owners disregard employee safety in favor of higher profits. Those are likely the employers who will be happy to see proposed health and safety regulations postponed or canceled altogether. Several proposed and planned new safety regulations have been postponed or withdrawn in recent months, which may result in more workers being injured on the job.

MOSH campaigns to stop tree workers from being injured on the job

Workers in the tree removal and cutting industry frequently put their welfare and their lives on the line. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say approximately 80 tree workers are fatally injured on the job every year across the country. Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) recently launched a campaign to promote awareness of safety in this industry with the goal of reducing the number of injuries among tree care workers -- including nonfatal injuries.

Moving forward after a work zone accident

If you are a road construction worker, or a loved one is employed in this line of work, you may have all sorts of concerns. From heat stroke and other challenges brought on by relentless summertime temperatures to the threat of negligent drivers and mishaps involving equipment, road workers in Prince Georges and all over the state of Maryland face many risks. At McGowan & Cecil, we are intimately familiar with the physical, financial and emotional pain that these accidents can cause and it is essential for victims to do what they can to recover.

Maryland scores a B in workplace safety

Workplace safety is a major concern for industries in Maryland and across the nation. In 2015 alone, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that 4,836 people were killed while working. This equates to an average of more than 93 people per week. Although a number of studies have been conducted to evaluate workplace safety, one study looked at each state and focused on where the problem occurs. The information is used to discover where stronger safety practices are needed and where employers can improve.

How forklift safety can prevent accidents

Warehouses and industrial companies across the United States use forklifts on a regular basis. If you are one who uses these machines, you know that they are used to lift and move materials from one place to another. Despite the essential role they play in a wide-range of work environments, a number of people are injured by forklift trucks every year. According to statistics reported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, just over 96,780 people receive injuries from forklifts every year. At least 34,900 accidents resulted in serious injury and 85 people lost their lives. You should know how to use these potentially dangerous machines properly so that you can minimize your risk of being hurt by a forklift.

Workers should beware of heat stroke this summer

As the temperatures continue to rise, the risk of heat stroke also increases significantly amongst workers throughout Maryland. People who are exposed to high temperatures at the workplace face the inherent danger of dehydration, heat stroke, heat rashes and heat exhaustion. They are also at an increased danger of being burned by hot objects or suffering from severe dizziness which could cause someone to fall. Employees who are subject to work in hot conditions should be aware of how to take proper care of themselves so they can minimize their risk of developing a heat-related condition.

Returning to work following a traumatic brain injury

When people receive a traumatic brain injury, they may have difficulties returning to the same type of work that they engaged in prior to the accident. Depending on the severity of damage, as well as what part of the brain was damage, people may have difficulty concentrating, problem-solving, focusing on tasks, organizing and planning. In addition, people affected by traumatic brain injuries often have trouble communicating with others. Traumatic brain damage can cause serious physical problems, such as persistent headaches, nausea, vomiting, seizures, dizziness, tingling in the muscles, and other sensory deficiencies, including trouble hearing or seeing. These symptoms can be either short-term or long-lasting and can potentially cause problems when people attempt to return to work after their recovery period has ended.

Nationwide comparison of workplace fatalities

When employees are injured on the job, it can affect their ability to work in the future, as well as their general quality of life. Industries across the board have regulations in place to minimize the occurrence of workplace incidents. As a way to keep track of these injuries, the U.S. Department of Labor collects data regarding workplace injuries.


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