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3-vehicle accident in Maryland could have been much worse

A three-vehicle accident in Salisbury, Maryland, is currently under investigation by the Salisbury Police Department. The accident occurred last week and involved three vehicles: a driving school car, a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck.

According to current reports, the motor vehicle accident occurred when the tractor-trailer and the pickup truck crashed head-on. The driving school vehicle then struck the pickup truck on the front passenger side. Whether the driving school vehicle was being driven by a student or an instructor was not immediately known. An ambulance was dispatched to the accident site, although it was unclear whether the drivers sustained serious injuries.

Given the potential severity of accidents involving trucks and smaller vehicles, the possibility that those involved in the accident noted above escaped serious injury is particularly notable. Accidents between trucks and smaller vehicles can often result in serious injury or even death of the driver in the smaller vehicle with little to no injury for the truck driver involved.

Injuries sustained by the drivers of small vehicles involved in a truck accident can require extensive medical care. In incidents where this is the case, an investigation of the accident caused by a negligent driver is often accompanied by legal action on behalf of the victims seeking to be compensated for medical costs or pain and suffering.

With vehicle crashes involving tractor-trailes, a number of factors could play a role in the accident. For instance, the truck driver could be particularly fatigued, driving a vehicle with defective parts, or not following roadway laws. Another common cause of accidents involving trucks is tailgating as a result of traffic congestion.