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Two-car crash in Maryland results in serious injury

An auto accident in Fallston, Maryland, resulted in the hospitalization of two people. The crash, which occurred at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 152, occurred when a southbound car apparently drove through a red light and struck a car in northbound traffic.

The impact threw the 17-year-old driver of the northbound car from her vehicle and she sustained serious injuries. She was transported to a local hospital by helicopter. The driver of the southbound car also sustained serious injuries. Luckily, both drivers involved in the accident survived the ordeal and are currently listed in stable condition. Maryland State Police are still investigating the accident.

If anything can be learned from this accident, it is to follow the rules of the road and to take every precaution against accidents and injury as is possible. An obvious lesson and a legal requirement is to follow the law when operating a motor vehicle. These laws are crafted to keep drivers safe and following them can cut down on potentially life-threatening accidents.

Obeying signs and signals, following the posted speed limits and taking safety precautions such as wearing a seatbelt make driving a safer experience for everyone. However, accidents are not always the fault of the injured driver and are often caused by another driver's negligence.

For the two drivers involved in this accident, the repercussions are far from over. From a medical perspective, the injuries sustained may require expensive long-term healthcare services such as a lengthy hospital stay or rehabilitation. As those familiar with medical expenses are likely to know, the costs of these services are regularly beyond the capability for most individuals to pay without assistance. As a consequence of this financial necessity, legal action is often taken on behalf of the victims against the individuals responsible for the accident. These legal actions can lead to financial rewards covering medical costs and compensate for pain and suffering.