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Car crash leaves one woman dead in Maryland

As summer travel nears its peak in Maryland, transportation by car can be especially dangerous. A sad reminder of this fact was illustrated by an auto accident in Sparks, Maryland, that resulted in the death of a 69-year-old woman. While the accident is still under investigation by police officials, some information pertaining to the accident has been released.

What is known about the incident is that a truck driven by a 44-year-old male, which was towing a chipper, veered from its lane onto the rocks in the embankment. Then, the truck turned into the oncoming lane where it struck a car. This collision flipped the car. Soon thereafter, emergency responders declared the woman driver of the car dead at the scene.

Stories such as this one often do not enter into an individual's mind when they get into their car to travel to work or to run errands. Yet, unfortunately, it is a well-known reality that car accidents do happen and that individuals are often seriously injured or even killed in them. Oftentimes, these accidents occur through no fault of the injured driver.

Negligent drivers, such as individuals who get behind the wheel while intoxicated, texting, or sleep deprived can cause harm to others through their inattention. While this

car crash is still being investigated and the reasons behind the crash are currently unknown, what appears to be clear cut is that the woman whose life was unexpectedly cut short did not seem to have done anything wrong.

Thankfully, many accidents do not result as tragically as this. However, many accidents do result in drivers receiving serious injuries. Spinal cord injuries and broken bones are amongst the severe injuries sometimes sustained by drivers in car accidents.

When an accident does occur and someone is seriously injured or even killed, understanding one's legal rights is fundamental to receiving just compensation. Compensation can include payment for short and long term medical care, lost wages, funeral costs, and physical and emotional suffering.