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Maryland medical malpractice case results worry hospitals

When Marylanders go to the hospital to receive medical treatment, they expect doctors to rank their well-being as a top priority. Patients have good reason to expect hospitals will do their best to provide high-quality care for their patients because they are legally obligated to do all they can to ensure that patients suffer no unnecessary injury under their care. While most visits pass without incident, some visitors are not so lucky.

By way of example, two families recently received generous financial compensation as a result of medical malpractice suits. Both families went into Maryland hospitals to deliver their children, but the deliveries had complications. Both children now suffer from cerebral palsy and juries agreed that the hospital was liable for their conditions. One family was awarded $21 million dollars in compensation, while the other was awarded a stunning $55 million.

Johns Hopkins and Harbor, the hospitals in question, reject the decisions of the jury and are in the process of appealing both decisions. Nonetheless, the results of these cases have hospitals worried about the potential consequences of continued medical malpractice suits. They argue that there are multiple downsides to continued medical malpractice suits, such as higher insurance rates and increased instances of doctors stopping work for fear of lawsuits.

For the families who have been hurt by medical malpractice, the side effects of medical malpractice suits may be an unfortunate but necessary part of the legal process. Unfortunately, medical malpractice does occur and when it does, the family is legally due compensation for the wrongdoing. In addition to being entitled to seek compensation for both short term and long term medical costs, the family can pursue compensation for loss of the quality of life in addition to a variety of other options.