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Applicants for disability benefits wait months for news

People of many professions suffer injuries that make working challenging or impossible. Veterans, in particular, experience many physical and mental illnesses as a result of their experiences in the military. Many Maryland veterans have undoubtedly gone through the process of applying for disability benefits.

While the process of applying for and receiving Social Security disability benefits through the Social Security Administration is slow, the Department of Veterans Affairs processes disability claims even more slowly. A recent study indicates that applications submitted to the SSA for benefits were processed in 109 days on average last year. However, veterans reportedly waited an average of 197 days for their application to the VA to be processed.

Once a disability claim is submitted, the challenge is not necessarily over. This recent study found that approximately one-third of veterans' claims will be denied. While the VA does not agree with these numbers determined by the think tank behind the study, it is clear that veterans wait a long time to have their claims processed.

One veteran explains that he waited 21 months for his disability claim to be fully processed. Even so, he states that he felt lucky since other veterans wait much longer to have their claim processed or approved.

While the VA has set a goal of decreasing veterans' waiting time to 125 days by 2015, many veterans will still have to wait several months for their claims to be processed.

As disability claims of all kinds can be complicated and slow to process, ensuring the claim is submitted correctly with all necessary information is critical. This may help one's claim be processed more quickly.