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Compassionate Allowances program now includes 35 more illnesses

Anyone who has applied for Social Security disability benefits knows that it can be quite frustrating. Not only does the application process take a long time, but two-thirds of applications are reportedly rejected when they are first submitted. Add in a large amount of paperwork, and you have a stressful application process.

However, the Social Security Administration recently announced they are expanding their Compassionate Allowances program. Started in 2008, the program makes it possible for the SSA to quickly approve claims for people with serious diseases and conditions. So, if a person with an advanced form of cancer applies for disability benefits, his or her application will be put on a fast track so the person will begin receiving benefits as quickly as possible.

Just last week, the SSA added 35 additional diseases to the list of conditions and diseases eligible for Compassionate Allowances. These additions bring the total number of diseases on the Compassionate Allowances list to 200.

Anyone struggling with one of these 35 illnesses just added to the Compassionate Allowances program can now look forward to a faster disability claims process. This change shows progress in improving the timeline for processing claims for Social Security disability benefits. If more claims are able to be processed quickly because of Compassionate Allowances, then processing of non-Compassionate Allowances claims may also become faster.

Even though more disability claims will be processed through the Compassionate Allowances program, the claim process may still be confusing. Submitting an application with the help of a professional who is well-versed in the application and appeals process will likely be beneficial.