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Family sues nursing home after maggots found in woman's ear

Maryland families who have moved their loved ones into nursing homes probably expect their loved ones will be treated well and receive high-quality care from the nursing home employees. Unfortunately, nursing home residents do not always receive the quality of care that may be advertised or anticipated by residents. One Illinois family can attest to this from first-hand experience.

The family of a 92-year-old Illinois woman with advanced Alzheimer's has sued the nursing home where she previously lived for negligence and emotional distress. The woman's husband stated that he "was horrified, shocked" when he learned that bugs were found in his wife's ear.

This woman reportedly had excess earwax and was given eardrops by her doctor. The nursing home staff allegedly gave the woman her eardrops. The morning after her last dose of eardrops was allegedly given, a nursing home aide noticed the woman scratching her ear and alerted a nurse who then found larvae in the woman's ear. The nursing home staff then sent the woman to the hospital where 57 maggots were found in her ear.

In order to remove the maggots, the woman had to have surgery. The family of this woman claims the surgery was very distressing for the 92-year-old who cannot speak or care for herself because of her Alzheimer's.

This woman's family is very upset that she had to go through this experience. Their attorney questions how a nursing home employee could have given the woman ear drops without noticing anything unusual, considering that 57 maggots were removed from the woman's ear the following day. This leads the family to suspect the nursing home neglected to give the woman her eardrops.

Families entrust nursing home facilities, like this woman's, to care for their loved ones. When they do this, they expect that their loved ones will receive decent treatment. Learning later on that the nursing home may have neglected their loved one would be frustrating. Seeking legal guidance like this woman's family did may be worthwhile.