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Owings Mills auto accident leaves two dead

An auto accident in Owings Mills, Maryland, on Tuesday, resulted in the deaths of two drivers. The accident involved a 22-year-old driver and a 60-year-old driver, both from Pikesville. According to the Baltimore County police officers investigating the accident, the 22-year-old drove into oncoming traffic where he hit another car head-on, killing its driver. His car then collided with a third car, whose driver was uninjured. Both of the drivers were pronounced dead at the scene.

What caused the 22-year-old driver to cross into oncoming traffic is currently under investigation, but there are many theories. For example, distraction and intoxication are often the causes of car crashes. Driver negligence is not uncommon in car accidents; in fact, most car crashes result from the actions of a driver involved. It is reported that up to 95 percent of car crashes could be the result of driver behavior. Other factors such as technical problems or weather conditions usually play a secondary role in many of these accidents. If it appears that one driver is clearly at fault, injured drivers or the family of a driver who has passed away in an auto accident may be able to receive compensation.

In this incident, since both drivers were killed as a result of the crash, compensation for any wrongdoing would likely come as a result of a wrongful death suit. This means the family of an individual wrongfully killed could be eligible for compensation, such as covering medical bills, funeral costs, loss of wages or emotional pain. In the event that a driver is seriously injured, compensation for many of the same issues such as medical bills or pain and suffering would also be available.