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Two seriously injured in motorcycle accident

Maryland motorcyclists should take note of an incident in which a motorcyclist and passenger were seriously injured in a collision with a vehicle whose driver was allegedly under the influence of a controlled substance. The accident occurred when a pickup truck traveling between 65 and 85 mph crossed over into the oncoming traffic lane and struck a motorcycle carrying a male driver and his female passenger. Both victims motorcycle were seriously injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

This type of motor vehicle accident could occur in Maryland or anywhere else. Considering a large proportion of motorcycle crashes happen as a result of driver negligence and inattention, motorcyclists should be aware of the dangers that reckless or inattentive drivers pose and take action to avoid going unnoticed. Wearing brightly colored clothes, taking extra precautions at night and always leaving extra space between one's own motorcycle and other vehicles on the road are safe ways a motorcyclist can help reduce the danger posed by other drivers.

Since motorcycle accidents are disproportionately more dangerous for the motorcyclist than for the driver of an automobile, it is especially important for motorcyclists to take every precaution against serious injury. By always wearing protective gear, motorcyclists can help keep themselves safe.

If, however, a motorcyclist is in an auto accident caused by the behavior of another driver, knowing the law is important. If the crash resulted in serious injury to the motorcyclist, legal action could help cover medical costs and loss of wages. Compensation for pain and suffering is potentially available as well. If a family member has died as a result of a motorcycle accident, a wrongful death suit could be filed.