Can I Receive Social Security Disability for a Job Injury?

If you have suffered a serious injury through a workplace accident in Prince Georges County, you are probably receiving workers' compensation through the state of Maryland. However, you may also be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, especially if you are in need of long-term care and are unable to work.

According to Social Security, unlike workers' compensation, the disability benefits program is designed to provide seriously injured workers with cash benefits that can help them meet their financial obligations. Workers' compensation can reimburse you up to a certain percent of your income but there may still be a gap that makes it hard for you to pay your bills. Social Security Disability can help you bridge this gap through benefits that are based on your work history.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability, you will need to show that you have suffered an injury that is on the agency's list of qualified disabilities. This can be done through doctors' reports and other medical documentation. You must also show that the disability is expected to last more than one year. If your application is approved, the amount of benefit you receive will be calculated with your work history record but the benefits cannot exceed the stated amount for the current year. Furthermore, your workers' compensation may also be reduced, depending on how much you are awarded by Social Security.

The exact number of people who receive Social Security Disability from a work-related injury is unknown but it is thought to be around 36 percent. Social Security pays out billions of dollars each year to disabled Americans and is the largest program for disability insurance.

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