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Insight from Our Laurel Personal Injury Attorneys at McGowan & Cecil, LLC

  • What are the five most important things you can do when involved in a motor vehicle collision?

    1. If you are injured, make sure you notify the police and obtain proper medical treatment for your injuries, right away. Follow your health care provider's directions and continue treatment until you have recovered.
    2. Take photographs of the collision, including the condition of the vehicles, any property damage, and any injuries.
    3. Refuse to speak to an insurance company or give a recorded statement until you have been advised to do so by an experienced personal injury attorney. 4. Hire a law firm that exclusively handles personal injury law and has done so successfully for many years.
    5. Get fair compensation for your motor vehicle - don't accept anything less.
  • What are the five most important things a law firm can do when you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision?

    1. We will shield you from zealous insurance adjusters.
    2. We will guide you through the often confusing process.
    3. We will negotiate on your behalf.
    4. We will keep you informed about decisions that need to be made regarding your case.
    5. We will protect your interests - even filing a law suit, if necessary.
  • What are the five most common mistakes attorneys make when representing clients involved in personal injury cases?

    1. They fail to preserve evidence.
    2. They do not know how to deal with subrogation issues.
    3. They do not know where to look for obtaining "other" available insurance.
    4. They are willing to take a low offer.
    5. They are willing to take cases out of their realm of expertise - e.g., a criminal lawyer representing a personal injury claim. These are red flags for you. Do not make this initial mistake and hire the wrong attorney for your case. Hire a firm that exclusively handles personal injury law and has done so successfully for many years.
  • What are the five most important facts you need to know about your property damage claim?

    1. Most insurance companies will try to "lowball" you on a total loss offer.
    2. You are entitled to a car rental at no cost.
    3. If your new car has been significantly damaged, you may have a diminution of value claim.
    4. You may end up owing more money on your car than its fair market value.
    5. You have the right to choose the body shop of your choice.
  • Why should you call an attorney?

    You need protection. Insurance companies are becoming very aggressive, getting to accident victims for a "recorded" statement just minutes after a motor vehicle collision. Do not agree to make a statement to any insurance company until you have spoken to council. This consultation will cost you nothing and could save you everything.
    • You need help from an experienced attorney whom you can trust and who is looking after your interest. No insurance company will be doing this.
    • You need a free consultation. Our attorneys will take your accident case on a "contingency basis" and won't charge a fee unless there is a recovery. In addition, our firm will "advance" costs to prosecute your claim. It's important for you to discuss this cost advancement with any firm before hiring them.
    • You need peace of mind. Being involved in a motor vehicle collision is an overwhelming experience. Call our firm before the insurance company gets to you. We will:
    - guide you through the often-confusing process
    - shield you from the insurance companies
    - act like an umbrella to protect you
    - and negotiate on your behalf
  • What can an attorney do for me?

    Following a motor vehicle collision, you may find yourself in a minefield of hidden hazards and hassles. An experienced Laurel personal injury attorney can help you navigate a safe pathway to obtaining:

    • A rental car
    • Fair damage reimbursements for property
    • Fair market value for a total loss of vehicle
    • PIP/No-fault insurance administration
    • Subrogation lien reductions
    • Reimbursement for your economic damages
    • Recovery for all of the pain, suffering, inconvenience, aggravation and physical impairment
    • Protection for your interests.

  • How much is my case worth?

    Establishing the exact value of a case is tricky, mainly because evaluation must occur at the end, once all damages have been established.
    • Many factors go into the evaluation of a claim.
    • Damage claims may account for:
    - Pain and suffering
    - Physical impairment
    - Medical bills
    - Lost wages
    - Inconvenience and aggravation
    - The hassle of it all
    • An experienced law firm will maximize your damages as full and fair compensation for all that you have suffered or endured.
  • What type of attorney should I hire?

    Ask yourself, what type of doctor would you see for a heart procedure? You would want a cardiologist or another heart specialist, not a general practitioner.
    • You need an attorney who exclusively handles personal injury cases.
    • You need to level the playing field. Insurance companies had deep pockets and will spend money to minimize your claim. You need an attorney who has experience handling such tactics.
    • Make an intelligent decision and ask for the right attorney for your personal injury case.
  • Why should I be concerned about subrogation?

    What is "subrogation"? Subrogation is the lawful substitution of a third party in place of a party having a claim against contractual or legal right to take the money from your injury recovery.
    • It is absolutely imperative that you understand the danger of such "subrogation" interests.
    • Minimize your headache and know your rights:
    - Medicare
    - Federal ERISA health insurance plans
    - Medical assistance
    - Non-federal health insurance plans
    - Health and welfare plans
    - Disability plans
    - Tricare The attorneys at McGowan & Cecil understand how best to "attack" the subrogation tactics.

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