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June 2013 Archives

Increase in workers' compensation claims for older employees

Many Maryland residents are proud to be considered hard workers and trust that their employers will compensate them if the need arises. However, it is no surprise that people become more prone to injuries as they get older. One analysis concerning the number of workers' compensation cases filed over the past few years has shown that a large percentage of the claims are made by older employees who have sustained injuries on the job.

Is a failure to diagnose putting Maryland residents at risk?

Type I diabetes is reportedly a commonly misdiagnosed illness in Maryland and elsewhere. Unfortunately, any failure to diagnose can result in life-changing consequences - including death. Because type I diabetes does not discriminate based on age, some stories of misdiagnosis prove all the more heart wrenching.

Unnecessary surgery, a shadow behind medical malpractice claims

Differentiating what is needed and what is not often seems easy to do, especially if a person is already suffering from illness or injury. In Maryland, people trust doctors to take care of their health. Some people are willing to undergo certain procedures to improve their well-being, so long as the doctor is the one to give the advice. However, by doing so, they may be endangering themselves, as the latest study shows that thousands of patients are undergoing unnecessary surgeries each year. This can result in serious injury or even death to the patient in some cases.

SSD beneficiaries: Please consider long-term care planning

When you have come to rely on certain benefits, it can be difficult to contemplate an altered financial reality. True, those who receive Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) will generally retain their right to receive them for as long as they qualify. However, there may come a time when SSD benefits are simply not sufficient to cover the cost of your living expenses and medical care.

Lawsuit claims death of patient caused by anesthesiologist error

It's been reported that thousands of patients die each year from mistakes in treatment at hospitals, including receiving the wrong medicine. In a nearby state, a brother and sister have filed a medical malpractice suit against two hospital services and an anesthesiologist. The medical malpractice principles are the same in Maryland and the case is instructive. The siblings claimed the wrongful death of patient, alleging that anesthesiologist error and other mishaps in treatment and surgical procedures caused their father's death.

New training for doctors aims to reduce birth injury

After months of pregnancy, mothers in Prince Georges County can only wish for one thing-safe delivery. Giving birth is a very delicate process. One wrong move can cost the life of the mother or the child. In some cases, a baby suffers from an injury that could be either temporary or permanent. There are also incidents of babies who suffered from asphyxiation that leads to death because of errors during delivery. These incidents are emotionally wrenching for the parents. Moreover, these sad stories are sometimes preventable.

Dealing with SSD benefits when you are close to retirement age

It is an odd challenge when accepting certain benefits results in the modification or suspension of other benefits. When facing this challenge, individuals must ultimately weigh the pros and cons of making such a switch. But sometimes, the transition is not voluntary. As a result of caps, limits, durations and other benefit restrictions, changes in coverage simply occur as a matter of circumstance or necessity.

Maryland motorcyclist airlifted to trauma center

Beautiful summer weather here in Maryland means more residents getting outside to enjoy it. Many are eager to leave the confines of their cars and hit the road on a motorcycle. One recent accident, however, serves as an important reminder of the serious consequences when another driver causes a motorcycle accident.

Construction accident injures Maryland worker

Construction workers are all too aware of the value of safety. One faulty piece of equipment or one misstep can mean the difference between securely working a job and a damaging or fatal construction accident. One Maryland worker has been seriously injured after a large five gallon paint container suspended high in the air suddenly dropped onto his head.

Maryland abortion clinics closed after medical mistake

Residents of Maryland understand the importance of trust between a physician and patient. Many people count on the care that doctors provide for both themselves and the people they love. When revealed that a patient has been killed as a result of negligence or a lethal medical mistake, it is understandable that many would feel their trust has been violated.

Returning to work: How SSI benefits are affected

Individuals who are aged 65 or older, are blind or are otherwise disabled may qualify for a helpful federal benefit commonly referred to as SSI. Supplemental Security Income can help qualified individuals with limited income make their ends meet. However, not everyone on SSI must be so aged or otherwise disabled that they cannot work. Many SSI recipients either work and receive benefits or continue to receive benefits once they are able to return to work in some capacity.

Maryland man killed in afternoon fatal accident

A car accident can happen to anyone at any time. Motorists on the roads of Laurel and Prince George, Maryland, may get involved in a fatal auto accident because of someone else' negligence. Sadly, such accidents can have a lasting impact on a person's life if they survive the ordeal.

Government agency establishes new center to study workers' comp

On the job injuries and illnesses affect thousands of American workers every year. Workers' comp insurers along with employers who self insure pay out millions to cover the medical bills and provide partial wage replacement for these employees.

2013 Social Security Trustees Report has been released

In recent years, a great deal of media coverage has centered on the current state of the Social Security Administration (SSA) and its funding. The most complete picture that the media and general public receive on this issue is presented in the form of the SSA Trustee’s annual report on the actual and projected status of the nation’s Social Security trust. The 2013 report has just been released.


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