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April 2014 Archives

New tool may prevent delayed treatment in Maryland, rest of U.S.

One of the biggest concerns on the minds of patients who are facing a potentially serious diagnosis may be whether there is enough time for a second doctor's opinion. There is a new tool that may help some patients avoid the dangers of delayed treatment while seeking another medical professional's opinion. The service is online and available here in Maryland as well.

Prostate cancer added to SSA's list of Compassionate Allowances

Cancer impacts individuals of every age, income and ethnicity. Early detection is critical to improving an individual's chances of survival and positive long-term prognosis. Upon learning an individual has cancer; he or she must often begin a medication regimen and undergo treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy which often takes a tremendous toll on an individual's physical and mental health.

Maryland distracted driving laws netting many offenders

Distracted driving, in the form of using cellphones while behind the wheel, has become a nagging problem in Maryland. To address the growing concern, the state banned the use of cell phones while driving six months ago. According to Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, laws will become even stricter before the year ends.

Nursing home abuse happens too often in Maryland and beyond

Finding the proper care for aging or handicapped loved ones is a pressing concern for many families, both here in Maryland and elsewhere. One fear that may be considered by families searching for a facility to care for a loved one is the possibility of nursing home abuse taking place. Unfortunately, there are many such cases reported every year throughout the nation.

Dying SSD recipient accused of making too much money stripped of benefits

Millions of Americans rely upon federal Social Security disability benefits to afford necessities like housing and food. An individual may qualify to receive SSD benefits if he or she was born with or developed a physical or mental disability later in life. Additionally, individuals who suffer from serious illnesses that adversely affect their overall health and ability to work may also qualify to receive SSD benefits.

Failure to yield leads to motorcycle accident

When motorists fail to follow even the most basic traffic regulations, accidents can soon follow. And when an accident involves a car and a motorcycle, the motorcyclist usually suffers more than the car's driver. Take, for example, the recent motorcycle accident that occurred southwest of Prince George's County, Maryland.

Parents say hospital is responsible for children's cerebral palsy

For most families, welcoming a new baby is a joyous time of celebration. At times, labor and childbirth don't progress according to plan, and as a result, a child may suffer serious consequences. Three families recently filed suit against a hospital that they believe is responsible for their babies' diagnoses of cerebral palsy. While this medical facility is not located in Maryland, the case may interest expecting parents everywhere.

VA centers investigated for delayed treatment, other complaints

VA centers throughout the nation provide a valuable service to the brave men and women who have fought for their country. However, not every center meets the highest standard of care expected. A journalist recently noted that there have been millions of dollars worth of compensation paid to the families of soldiers who died as a result of medical malpractice at a VA center. The reasons include delayed treatment, denied care and inappropriate medical procedures. Veterans' facilities everywhere, even in Maryland, may all face tighter scrutiny in light of the recent reports.

April is Autism Awareness Month

April is officially Autism Awareness month. Across the U.S., millions of Americans have been formally diagnosed as being autistic. Individuals with autism may exhibit unique symptoms, but nearly all experience difficulty making eye contact, communicating and interacting in a social setting. An autistic individual may also engage in repetitive behaviors, be unable to verbally communicate or suffer from intellectual deficiencies.

Man injured on the job passes away from injuries

Readers in Maryland may have been injured at work before, so you know what it's like to have to request funds from workers' compensation and other sources. When you're injured on the job, the last thing you want to happen is for that compensation not to arrive on time. Of course, with the right help, that can quickly be remedied.

Research provides hope for obese Americans living with Type 2 diabetes

In recent years, as the waistbands of Americans of all ages continue to stretch, there has been much written about the many health risks associated with obesity. The development of Type 2 diabetes is among one of those risks and affects more than 17 million Americans today. The health risks and potential side effects associated with diabetes increase the likelihood that an individual will experience a stroke, kidney failure and cardiac problems.

Publication rates hospitals on doctor mistake; other errors

Most patients who have suffered a serious health scare may have little time to dwell on the safety of the facility where they are getting or scheduled to receive care. However, according to one recently published report, where a person is treated can make the difference in the possibility of suffering from a doctor mistake. Patients in Maryland who may be facing an upcoming surgery or have other medical issues may benefit by checking the ratings of facilities nearest them.


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