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May 2014 Archives

Compassionate allowances program benefits the very ill

When discussing a waiting period for many things, three months doesn't seem that long. However, in cases where an individual is unable to work and facing a life-threatening disease or disorder, three months can seem like an eternity. Yet this timeframe, 86 days, is the average wait time an individual who applies for Social Security disability benefits must wait for a decision. What's more, if an individual's application was not complete or submitted evidence was not sufficient to prove one's disability, an applicant many have to wait more than a year to learn about the status of an appeal.

Can a cesarean section lead to birth injuries?

There was a time when cesarean sections were considered invasive and expensive, thus, they were rarely done. However, C-section rates have skyrocketed and around a third of the births in the country come via C-section. For Laurel, Maryland mothers their baby's safety is the number one concern. So it is imperative that mothers know if the resurgence of C-sections is actually for the best interest of their babies.

Allegations of terrible nursing home abuse come to light

A long love affair shared by a couple continued when the wife became ill. When the family could no longer continue care for her in the home, the family resorted to placing their loved one in a nursing facility. Less than a year later, they discovered that the woman -- their wife, mother and grandmother -- was a victim of nursing home abuse. While this sad tale did not play out in Maryland, it may help others better discern facilities when looking for care for their loved ones.

Can Social Security disability be garnished by bill collectors?

A number of people with disabilities in Maryland struggle with debt. This is often because, of course, disability never strikes at a convenient time. Few people are financially prepared to leave the workforce when they become disabled. It can take months or even years to start receiving Social Security disability, and in the meantime bills can pile up. As a result, suffering a disability can result not only in medical debt but also significant credit card debt.

Motorcycle accident victim's family blasts driver's plea deal

Distracted driving has become a widespread problem around the country, including Maryland. A momentary glimpse at a cell phone to send or read a text message or to make a call may seem inconsequential but it actually is enough to cause an accident or fail to avoid a crash and inevitably kill or injure another person. A motorcycle accident in March 2013 southeast of Laurel is testament to that fact.

A doctor's concerns over admitting doctor error; other issues

Recently, a new physician penned an opinion piece for a local paper in her town. In it, she contemplated if her medical education went far enough, especially when communicating with patients concerning a possible doctor error or other uncomfortable conversations that are bound to occur during their professional careers. This particular medical provider's thoughts may be of interest to patients in Maryland and elsewhere.

Study suggests video monitors could prevent truck accidents

Maryland's motorists are well aware that truck crashes can cause extensive damage to property and injuries and deaths to motorists. A recent study, however, shows that reducing truck accidents is possible if the trucking industry and government decide that the benefits are worth the costs.

Parasite infections and the danger posed by delayed treatment

Most people believe that parasitic infections are largely nonexistent in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control, that's not the case. In fact, the dangers posed by parasites are only compounded by the fact that doctors may miss the problem, which leads to delayed treatment.

Maryland residents can use tips to help find a good nursing home

Dealing with aging loved ones can be a sad and difficult experience, especially when it comes to finding them suitable living arrangements. Recently, one columnist wrote about his family's search to find a good nursing home for his family member with a debilitating illness. His article contained advice that may aid families in Maryland and elsewhere when researching their options.

Safety tips for Maryland drivers to avoid distracted driving

Distracted driving poses great risks for Laurel, Maryland, drivers and drivers across the country. Negligent behavior often leads to auto accidents that not only result in serious injuries but also fatalities. However, there are ways to avoid distracted driving. A recent conference, which was attended by scientific researchers and psychologists, listed several recommendations to avoid distracted driving and, subsequently, car accidents.

The SSD applications of disabled U.S. veterans expedited

The men and women who serve or have served in the U.S. military are owed much respect and gratitude. For more than a decade, thousands of U.S. troops have returned from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan bearing the physical and mental wounds and scars that often accompany war. For these brave veterans, their lives and abilities to re-enter civilian life has typically been severely affected.

Living with Down syndrome

Some 30 years ago, an individual diagnosed as having Down syndrome was only expected to live to age 25. Today, thanks to increased research and corresponding medical treatments, individuals with Down syndrome are expected to live to age 60 or older. This statistic alone proves the important role that increased funding, research and education has played in improving the overall health and lives of individuals diagnosed with genetic disorders like Down syndrome.

State police truck inspection cracks down on unsafest trucks

In 2012, nearly 4,000 people died and 104,000 people were injured across the country, including many in Maryland, from accidents involving large trucks. Overall, some 317,000 of these large vehicles were involved in accidents. The scale of truck accidents and the loss of life and limb has led Maryland to crack down on unsafe trucks in the state in order to help prevent truck accidents.


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