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January 2015 Archives

Are you or a loved one suffering from Alzheimer's disease?

Most Maryland residents have heard of the progressive and debilitating form of dementia known as Alzheimer's. The brain disease is readily associated with memory loss which progressively gets worse and interferes with an individual’s ability to recall information, think, process information and reason.

Alleged medical mistake leads to death of unborn child

During pregnancy, women in Maryland expect their doctors to provide sound advice and care, both for their own sakes and that of their unborn children. A medical mistake may mean injuries or death to either a mother or a baby. One woman in another state recently lost her baby because of a doctor's alleged negligence.

How can drivers prevent truck accidents during winter?

Truck accidents, which often yield catastrophic outcomes, can happen anytime, anywhere. Here in Maryland, trucks frequent the state's major beltways and it is not surprising that Maryland drivers experience collisions and accidents involving these huge vehicles. Now that winter has arrived, more truck accidents are occurring since these vehicles can be difficult to operate under certain weather conditions. Truck drivers should follow these tips to help prevent motor vehicle accidents this winter.

Infant brain damage among the most serious birth injuries

Even in this day of modern medicine, delivering a baby still presents risks. This is why obstetricians, anesthesiologists and nurses do everything they can to avoid serious complications during delivery. Parents trust these health-care professionals to make critical decisions to ensure that both mother and baby are safe. A single error, however, can lead to a birth injury that can change an infant's life forever. If a newborn has been injured by a negligent doctor, then the amount of compensation may depend on the type of birth injury and how much care the baby will require.

Physician negligence blamed for woman's stroke-related injuries

People in Maryland naturally trust their doctors to provide sound medical advice and guidance. When a doctor fails to do this, the results can be disastrous. In a recent out-of-state case involving alleged physician negligence, millions of dollars in damages were awarded to a man and his wife. She had suffered a stroke after a doctor told her it was unnecessary for her to visit a medical center.

Democrats question Republicans' recent change to SSDI funding

In recent years, much has been written about the Social Security Administration's disability insurance program. Long attacked by conservatives and defended by liberals, controversy over funding and alleged widespread fraud has plagued the SSDI program which currently pays out monthly benefits to an estimated 8.95 million disabled American workers.

How can you determine if you are a victim of misdiagnosis?

Any treatment of an illness or disease begins with a diagnosis. This is the first crucial point in treatment. A single error can lead to other errors that can endanger a patient's life. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis is too frequent in the United States, as some Maryland residents have discovered. Based on autopsy studies, 15 percent of all medical errors resulted from misdiagnoses.

Doctor sued after reportedly making surgical errors

Going to a Maryland hospital for surgery can be nerve-wracking for both the patient and his or her family. Nevertheless a quality surgery may end up saving the person's life, thus making it worthwhile. However, if a surgeon is careless, surgical errors can take place and end up causing the patient more harm than good. One woman in another state experienced this first-hand after undergoing a spleen surgery.

The debilitating symptoms of a stroke

Imagine you're reading the newspaper at the kitchen table when you suddenly realize you can't feel your rights leg or arm and your muscles feel incredibly weak. The words of the paper swim before your eyes and are no longer intelligible. You try to yell to your spouse for help, but you find it's difficult to speak.

Police arrest driver who caused a fatal motorcycle accident

Operating a motorcycle requires skill and experience because of the increased instability of a two-wheeled vehicle when compared to a passenger car or truck. Here in Maryland, motorcycle riders often take safety courses to better understand these unique challenges. Car drivers, on the other hand, should respect the presence of motorcyclists and share the road. Failure to recognize motorcyclists on the road often leads to devastating outcomes such as serious injuries and death.

Alleged medical mistake leads to medical malpractice case

When people are hurt at the hands of a doctor in Maryland, the victims' family members have the right to seek justice. One family in another state recently faced this scenario after their loved one was injured due to an alleged medical mistake. This led to a medical malpractice lawsuit that was recently settled.

Struggling to breathe, COPD sufferers may qualify for SSDI benefits

Most people can relate to having a bad cold and experiencing difficulty breathing. Infections or medical conditions that affect the lungs make almost any type of physical activity difficult as side effects like shortness of breath, light headedness and general fatigue are common. Not only do these types of symptoms seriously inhibit an individual's ability to complete any type of physical tasks, but they can also be extremely scary for those who experience them firsthand or those who witness a loved one experiencing them.

Building a strong case is critical for car crash victims

Accidents involving cars are common in Laurel, Maryland, as well as everywhere else in the United States. If a car strikes another motor vehicle, the people involved may sustain injuries and even die as a result of the collision. Each party's responsibility in the collision is measured to determine liability. The victims or those people who have sustained injuries due to another person's recklessness may be able to receive compensation by filing a legal claim. The essence of a personal injury lawsuit is to provide compensation to a person who was harmed as a result of someone else's carelessness.

Family claims medical mistake leads to woman's death

When people in Maryland take their loved ones to the emergency room, they expect the facility to act quickly and responsibly in the best interest of the patient. Unfortunately, sometimes a medical mistake leads to the patient's death. In a recent out-of-state case, a deceased's woman's family has sued a local hospital and doctor after she died, allegedly because she was not treated in a timely manner for cardiac arrest.


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