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March 2015 Archives

Understanding your tax obligations when receiving SSD

This time of the year, many people in Maryland who receive Social Security Disability benefits wonder what, exactly, their tax obligations are. Although the process for filing taxes while receiving SSD benefits is more complex than we can go into in a blog post, we hope that today's post will give you a high-level understanding of who owes taxes and how much.

Doctor error allegedly leads to patient's dental complications

One of the most frightening experiences a patient can have is to be injured by the very doctor in which he or she placed his or her trust. One person reportedly suffered injury as a result of a doctor error in a case involving a dentist practicing outside of Maryland. The woman is suing the dental office, claiming she suffered complications resulting from a misdiagnosis and a latex allergy.

Your right to appeal an SSD denial: Understand the process

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are government programs, of course, with specific rules and a specific process set up to ensure that decisions made about these important benefits are made fairly.

Failure to diagnose allegedly led to woman's death

Watching a loved one die in Maryland due to a doctor's negligence is naturally infuriating; however, the legal system makes it possible for surviving loved ones in this situation to seek justice. One woman in another state died after her condition deteriorated at a hospital. The woman's family has decided to sue the hospital where her death took place, alleging that a failure to diagnose the woman properly led to her death.

Maryland is at the forefront in fighting distracted driving

As we continue to become more dependent on personal electronic devices, an unsettling trend is emerging. Drivers who are distracted by smart phones and other devices are causing an alarming number of auto accidents in Maryland and around the country. After a car crash involving death or serious injury it is not uncommon for police investigators and personal injury lawyers to subpoena cell phone records to determine if the at-fault driver was distracted.

Are you fighting to prove your disability?

Imagine that you have a medical condition that results in negative symptoms like entire body pain, intense fatigue or disordered thinking. Individuals who suffer from serious medical diseases or conditions like lupus, fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder may have difficultly getting out of bed in the morning, performing normal everyday tasks and participating in activities. From the outside, however, these individuals may look completely normal and fine.

New treatment promises relief for chronic migraine sufferers

Imagine experiencing a pounding headache that forces you to hide indoors for several days per month. For individuals who suffer from chronic migraines, extreme sensitivity to light and sound coupled with nausea and vision problems often interfere with their ability to participate in normal everyday activates. Consequently, not only do the personal relationships of those with this debilitating medical condition suffer, but so too does their ability to work and maintain financial independence.

Surgical errors allegedly lead patient to lose function of foot

People in Maryland may be reluctant to undergo surgery due to the complications that may result, but the desire to live motivates them to go through it while putting their complete trust in the surgeon. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes make surgical errors that end up reducing a patient's quality of life. One man in an out-of-state case has filed a lawsuit after he claimed that one of his feet stopped functioning after he went through a surgery.

Proposed law would set up birth injury fund in Maryland

Medical malpractice cases involving birth injuries have resulted in some very large jury verdicts in recent years in Maryland. In response, Maryland hospitals are backing House and Senate bills in the General Assembly that would set up a no-fault fund to compensate birth injury victims.

Alleged medical mistake leads to woman's death

When a doctor releases a patient from a hospital in Maryland, the patient may understandably assume that his or her health is fine. However, occasionally, doctors make a medical mistake and release patients whose conditions are not fine at all. One patient in another state lost her life after being discharged from the hospital while allegedly suffering pneumonia, thus sparking a lawsuit.

Defining medical malpractice as a legal cause of action

Most Maryland residents probably believe that their doctors have their best interests in mind. Doctors look for the problems that cause their patients' harm and prescribe courses of treatment that are intended to alleviate those patients' suffering. Many doctors take these responsibilities very seriously and work their hardest to ensure that those under their care are treated with respect and attention.

Research indicates individuals with mental health conditions die earlier

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an estimated 25 percent of people in the U.S. "experience mental illness in a given year." For those individuals with chronic conditions like major depression, generalized anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder; attempting to cope with the varied adverse symptoms they experience can be exhausting and challenging.


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