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April 2015 Archives

Fighting for just compensation for medical malpractice victims

Maryland residents generally have a lot of faith in the medical profession. But doctors do make mistakes and when they do, the consequences can be devastating for the patient.

Federal trucking regulations address driver fatigue

Fatigue is a serious problem for over-the-road truck drivers. After hours of driving any person will become tired, resulting in lowered reaction times and reduced alertness to hazards. Extreme fatigue can even lead to falling asleep at the wheel. When a Maryland resident is injured in a collision with a semi truck, one of the areas to investigate is whether the driver and the trucking company complied with federal hours of service rules.

Woman files suit alleging medical mistake caused husband's death

When a doctor makes a mistake in Maryland, the results can be dangerous and, unfortunately, even fatal. One woman in another state recently claimed that two physicians who treated her husband made a medical mistake that caused him to die from a hemorrhage following a surgery. She has sued the two doctors.

Compassionate Allowances: Quick approvals for the seriously ill

When American workers suffer an illness or injury that puts them out of work for a year or more, our nation's Social Security disability programs can be crucial. The Social Security Disability Insurance program, for example, is much like private long-term disability insurance in that you've been paying premiums (in the form of FICA taxes) and have a right to expect the benefits you've earned. Yet while SSDI can provide vital benefits, obtaining them does take time. Considering the mandatory waiting period and the backlog in processing claims, it can sometimes take a lot of time.

Wrong-way driver causes deadly crash on I-70 in Maryland

A Maryland vehicle going the wrong way on a divided highway is one of the most dangerous scenarios imaginable. Other drivers will have little or no time to react when they see another vehicle headed straight for them. It is a situation likely to cause a head-on collision at high speed, with death or serious injury to those involved.

Alleged medical mistake results in patient's death

People in Maryland and other states naturally trust doctors to take care of their loved ones, providing proper diagnoses and treatment. In one out-of-state case, however, a man said a medical mistake on the part of a cardiologist recently caused his father's death. The son and his mother are currently suing the doctor, claiming that he engaged in medical malpractice.

What are the most dangerous jobs for construction workers?

Most of us give little consideration to trenches. In fact, for many of us the word "trench" conjures up images of World War I battlefields. In reality, trenches and other excavation work are essential to forming the foundations for many homes and businesses. Trenches are often dug into the ground around the perimeters of soon-to-be built structures in order to facilitate the pouring of concrete and other foundational material.

What are the risks to a Maryland C-section?

For people in Laurel who are expecting a child, there is an endless stream of excitement as they await the blessed event. Even though child birth is one of the most frequent occurrences in hospitals, it must be remembered that it is still fraught with risks for both the mother and baby. The mother can be harmed, and the baby can suffer a birth injury, if something goes wrong.

Patient files suit related to failure to diagnose boil

People who go to the doctor in Maryland usually expect to be treated and diagnosed based on accepted standards of care. If the doctor is negligent, the result may end up causing permanent harm to the patient. One patient in another state has recently sued a doctor as well as his physician assistant for failure to diagnose a boil.

SSA announces new disability and benefits information campaign

The Social Security Administration's acting commissioner Carolyn Colvin wants every American to know that Social Security Disability Insurance serves as a vital source of financial protection for working people during times of tremendous uncertainty and personal hardship. Unfortunately, there are some persistent misconceptions about SSDI -- mistaken beliefs that continue threaten the very survival of the program.

How can a motorcyclist reduce the chances of an accident?

Motorcyclists have as much right to use Maryland's roads and highways as anyone else. Unfortunately some drivers seem to forget this, and don't keep a lookout for motorcycles. All too often a distracted driver causes a motorcycle accident, with serious injuries or even death for the motorcyclist.

Facts about dangers of auto accidents due to distractions

Auto accidents in Maryland can happen for a variety of reasons. Some are easily explained if one of the drivers was under the influence of alcohol of drugs. Others happen because of unforeseen circumstances such as the weather or an unexpected incident. Still others might happen because of a driver's negligence in paying attention to things other than what they should be paying attention to: the road. Knowing the facts about a driving while distracted is important to avoid accidents and to help those who have suffered serious injury or the family of those who died know what to do afterwards.

Are back injuries the number 1 workplace injury?

Not too long ago, it was very easy to find workers wearing industrial back belts in just about any profession that requires lifting. The iconic black suspenders and belt harness secured using Velcro was a stable of warehouse workers, airline baggage handlers and even auto mechanics everywhere throughout the country. Although medical science has now revealed that the benefits of wearing back belts may have been overrated, the reason why they became so popular in the first place is still important.

Alleged surgeon error causes infection, results in lawsuit

One of the most nerve-racking experiences a person in Maryland may have is undergoing surgery. The patient may be concerned about whether or not the surgery will be effective as well as if any complications will occur during or after the operation as a result of a surgeon error. In one out-of-state case, an individual has filed a lawsuit against a health center after suffering serious injuries following a surgical procedure.


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