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October 2015 Archives

Car accident statistics in Maryland

Every year in Maryland, more victims are killed in car accidents than are killed in homicides. Car accidents are the number one killer of individuals ages 4 to 34. Among car accidents, 90 percent are caused by driver errors. From 2003 to 2007 in Maryland, there were between 576 and 593 fatal car accidents each year with a 5-year average of 580 fatal accidents per year. During that same time period, there were between 34,000 and 38,710 car accidents each year that resulted in injuries. The 5-year average for the time period was 36,681 injury car accidents in Maryland from 2003 to 2007.

Social Security Disability benefits can help those unable to work

Maryland residents who suffer from a serious medical condition often worry about how they will pay the bills and make ends meet if they become unable to work. Fortunately, Social Security Disability benefits are available for those who qualify.

Accident prevention tips for small businesses

An on-the-job accident is not only problematic for the employees who are hurt by it, but it is also problematic for the business. When injured employees are no longer able to perform their job duties, this cuts into business productivity as workflow has to be re-routed and more pressure is put on other employees to pick up the slack. This is particularly true for small businesses that may have just one employee available to do a particular job. The best way to keep workers safe and keep a small business efficient is to avoid workplace injuries in the first place.

Medical malpractice options protect victims

This blog recently discussed the importance of medical malpractice options for victims injured by medical negligence. Birth injuries can also result because of medical malpractice including a medical or health professional error or mistake. Birth injuries can be significant and can lead to serious harm.

Will workers' compensation cover any injury on the job?

Are all workplace injuries going to be covered by workers' compensation? By legal standards, not all injuries are covered, even when the injury takes place while you're at work. This is because Maryland has a law that states that any injury that is going to be covered by workers' compensation must have been accidental and arisen during the course of employment. For instance, if you're working and slip on a wet floor, any injury you suffer should be covered. However, if you're hurt while working but caused your injury purposefully, then it would be more likely for your claim to be denied.

Social Security's compassionate allowance list

Social Security is aware that some conditions can severely impede your ability to work and even care for yourself. As a result, they have put together a compassionate allowance list of conditions that allows you to receive approval for Social Security Disability benefits sooner than people with other conditions.

Medical malpractice claim brought in Maryland woman's death

Family members of a 37-year old woman who died after needing dialysis have brought a lawsuit against two medical providers for medical malpractice. The woman was turned away for dialysis for not having a physician's order and died days later. The woman had been told by doctors that she would require dialysis for the remainder of her life. Despite that, she was turned away from treatment. Her family members have brought a claim against a medical center, whose staff was responsible for writing the physician's order for her dialysis, and a Maryland dialysis clinic whose parent company operates nationally and whose name it bears.

Can I lose my Social Security Disability benefits?

If you are unable to work due to a disabling condition, you may be able to receive financial assistance through the Social Security Disability program. However, your benefits hinge on the severity of your condition. This means once you receive approval for SSD benefits, those payments could be terminated if your situation changes.


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